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According to a recent press release, immigrants who crossed the Canadian border seeking asylum were referred to as ‘illegal border crossers’. This is a term that has been heavily rebuked by the immigration minister Ahmed Hussen. He claims that asylum seekers shouldn’t be described like this. Even though crossing the Canadian border without permission is certainly illegal, there could be other circumstances that encourage them to come into the country. Why Expressions Such as Illegal Migrants need to be Banned In recent months, there have been concerns regarding the approximately 50 immigrants who are streaming into Canada via the US border. Should they be regarded as illegal or irregular migrants? Irregular migrants, according to the IRB, are those refugee claimants who have come to Canada without…

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Immigrant Children Should be...

According to Toronto’s immigration lawyer, Matthew Jeffery, the government should stop the shameful act of detaining and imprisoning immigrant children. Even though the number of children detained in Canada has been dropping in recent years, the government should still take measures to ensure there’s no…

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