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The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery is proud of the quality of service that we provide to our clients. Each case is important to us and we welcome the feedback of clients or of anyone who has had contact with our office and wishes to share their experience or express their views.

Below is a selection of testimonials from our clients around the world, who have kindly provided our office with permission to post their reviews. The reviews are organized by subject matter so that those interested in our office’s work on certain types of immigration matters may easily find a testimonial relevant to their own case.

Spousal Sponsorship application

If you are trying to decide between using an immigration lawyer to assist in bringing your spouse to Canada versus doing it on your own let me strongly suggest you hire a lawyer like Matthew Jeffery. You will save a huge amount of time and personally I think there's some enhanced credibility when you use a respected lawyer such as Mr. Jeffrey. One of the ways you'll save time is simply that there are so many ways to overlook some details or make small mistakes when you're handling it yourself that can cost you a huge amount of time when filing. I've heard that immigration procedures can take from 6 months to several years but I was very pleased to welcome my wife to Canada in about 6 months.

Ken S.

Sponsorship Appeal before the Immigration Appeal Division

I retained Mr. Matthew Jeffery as an immigration lawyer for my parents' immigration case with the refugee board. I found him very helpful and cooperative. Ultimately we did win the case and his secretary, Crystal, and him worked unbelievably hard and accomplished what several other law firms told me quite frankly was impossible. He presented the case in a very confident manner with several solid proofs and thanks to that and his dedication we received a judgement in our favour. To top it all off he charged a very reasonable and affordable fee and was there to answer all our questions in detail. He also took time out from his schedule to have pre-rehearsal trainings before our hearing so that we were prepared and more confident in ourselves. I am very thankful to Matthew Jeffery and his team and would recommend him to everyone who needs immigration service advice and help.

Harman D.

Federal Court appeal of refused Skilled Worker application

I applied to be a permanent resident of Canada under the Skilled Worker category. I did all the paperwork on my own and it wasn't until three years later when I received a letter stating I was one point away from being a permanent resident. Knowing this wasn't fair, I went online and searched for immigration lawyers.  I was outside Canada, and was not able to meet with different lawyers for consultations. Therefore, I decided to do phone consultations with several lawyers.

Matthew Jeffery was one of the first lawyers to show up in my search. Mr. Jeffery was kind enough to answer my questions via email without charge. 

After doing my research, and consulting with several lawyers in Canada, I chose Mr. Jeffery to represent me. His office made it easy for me to send my paperwork and communicate via email and phone. Mr. Jeffery was professional at all times and never made any fake promises. He explained the appeal process and gave me realistic expectations. That's when I knew he was a true professional...he wouldn't tell me just anything to make me feel good and get my money. I can happily say I am a permanent resident of Canada thanks to Mr. Jeffery. I plan to use Mr. Jeffery’s services to bring over my family.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.

E. M.

Humanitarian application

First and foremost I'd like to start off by saying THANK YOU!! Thank you for working hard and exceptionally well on my behalf to allow me to gain PR status in Canada. I know my case was very difficult, but you managed what other lawyers told me was impossible. From the beginning you were optimistic and believed I had a good chance of staying in Canada with my family. I was pretty sure then, that you would work hard to win my case and I was not wrong. You managed to stop my deportation within hours and helped me to receive approval within such a short time frame. You are great at what you do and go out of your way to help your clients. I am so glad I chose you to take my case and I'd recommend you in a second. It's because of you, I did not miss a single moment of my son's childhood and now I am a permanent resident and getting ready to finally travel to Costa Rica, after 7 years. For this, I will always be grateful. Thank you again and I wish you success in your career and may God bless you.

Manuel V.

Spousal sponsorship application

Matthew Jeffery’s immigration law firm did a great job with my husband’s application for permanent residence.  The forms and documentation that was needed were overwhelming.  Mr. Jeffery helped us to go through all the steps, highlighted what  extra official papers we needed, made sure our application is filled up correctly and they responded quickly to any inquiries we had; were respectful, efficient and completely professional.  I don’t believe we’d have my husband’s permanent residence so quickly if we had not used Matthew Jeffery’s services.  We would very highly recommend them, without any hesitation, to anyone contemplating the immigration process.

W. Singson

Work Permit and Skilled Worker Applications

I took my case to 2 different lawyers before landing in to Matthew Jeffery's office, he made an assessment of my case and told me that he was going to try his best to help me, where the other lawyers disregarded my case as "not a winning case".  He was there for me during the whole process to achieve my permanent residence and handle my different applications in a very professional way always looking for my benefit. He is a great and skilful lawyer that has a great knowledge of the immigration laws and will work with them for the benefit of his clients. I went with Matthew through two work permit applications and my permanent residence application and I'm very grateful to be lucky enough to find a lawyer with the integrity that Matthew has. My wife and I will never forget that one of the causes why we are in Canada is because the hard work of Matthew and his office.

Thank you so much for your help, I really don't have words to show how grateful we are with the help that you provide us. Gracias Yaritza por tener tanta paciencia conmigo.

Miguel B

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