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Sudbury is considered to have the happiest people out of any city in Canada; not because of its wealth, but other more personal factors like health and sense of community, according to Statistics Canada.

Sudbury is a very diverse community owing to its long history of immigration. The first permanent European settlement in Sudbury and its environs was established by lumbermen, railway workers, and their managers in the 1880s. Among these people were many who had either personally immigrated to Canada, or whose folks had. These are people who lay the foundation of Greater Sudbury’s most vibrant ethnic communities that include Croatians, Italians, Poles, Finns, and Ukrainians.

Indeed, the city has risen through the efforts of newcomers since it was founded. Nearly 40 percent of the population is bilingual, with German, Italian, Finnish, Polish, and Ukrainian being the top five non-official languages spoken in the city. Sudbury continues to attract new immigrants to replace the retiring workers, and the future of the city largely depends on its ability to attract and retain immigrants.

About Sudbury

Remotely located at the top of Georgian Bay, many people don’t consider Sudbury a destination worth visiting, but it has a lot more to offer. The city has a population of about 160,000 people according to the 2011 census, making it the largest city in Northern Ontario – population wise – and the 24th largest metropolitan area in the country. By land area, Sudbury is the largest city in Ontario, Canada, and the 7th largest municipality area in the country.

Greater Sudbury, as it is sometimes referred to, is administratively detached, which means that it is not a part of any district, county, or regional municipality. It is located 500 km west of Ottawa, 390 km north of Toronto, and 128 km from North Bay.

The city of Sudbury is located at the convergence of three key highways; in the middle of Northeastern Ontario; and on the Canadian Shield in the Great Lakes Basin. The city comprises a rich blend of urban, rural, suburban, and wilderness environments. It is also considered a city of lakes owing to the 330 lakes located within the city limits.

Living in Sudbury

Sudbury is not only the happiest city in Canada, but also the most diverse in Northern Ontario. The city is recognised for its open space, pristine forests and woodlands, freshwater lakes, parks and recreational facilities, and is home to many provincial parks within a short driving distance.

Since the first immigrants settled in Sudbury, the foundations of the neighbourhood have been established and maintained by people from diverse backgrounds working jointly. Different ethnic, cultural, and educational values have influenced the formation and growth of the entire Sudbury community.

Getting to Sudbury

Although Sudbury’s reliance on mining has continued to diminish over the decades, it is still the industry with the most job creation opportunities: 6,000 directly linked to Nickel-mining and 10,000 in mining-related services. As long as the Indian and Chinese economies continue to scale, the mining industry In Sudbury is expected to grow as well.

With such promising job opportunities in the mines and associated transportation and processing activities, Sudbury is looking attractive to newcomers. Immigrants looking for assistance in their pursuit for citizenship or temporary or permanent residency in Sudbury can contact Matthew Jeffery for professional legal help.

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