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With a population of about 160,000 people, Kingston is located at the core of the urban centres of Ottawa, Montreal, and Syracuse. Positioned at the meeting point between the St. Lawrence River, the Rideau Canal, and Lake Ontario, the city of Kingston enjoys a magnificent heritage as the first capital of Canada.

Today, Kingston’s reputation is shaped by its community leaders–it boasts an intelligent labor force and a solid, diversified economy that is a safe region to invest.

A top place to live and work in Canada

Kingston, Ontario has become a destination for professional and personal pursuits. Young professionals, aged 20-40, named Kingston the fourth best city in Canada, based on a variety of factors outlined in an extensive study that surveyed over 100,000 people.

These factors include the cost of living (from food to clothing to housing), earning potential (household incomes and employment opportunities), vitality (quality of air and water and green space), and recreational activities.

The city has also been recognized by MoneySense Magazine as a top place in Canada to live. The Next Cities Report named it the best mid-size city for young, talented workers. The New York Post listed Kingston as one of the top 100 North American destinations. The Manpower Report named it the largest employment growth forecast in Ontario. And the Conference Board of Canada described Kingston as a diverse economy with low unemployment.

Living in Kingston

Kingston offers a range of amenities and unique lifestyle that not many other urban hubs can match. Among the attractions of Kingston are a lively downtown core, proximity to rivers, lakes, and parkland, year-round festivals and cultural events; and a safe neighbourhood to reside with your family or retire comfortably.

The cost of living is lower than the more populated cities while the quality of life is much greater, as characterized by the short commute times, as well as the sports, cultural and recreational facilities that suit a wide range of tastes.

Immigrating to Kingston

Kingston is in a very competitive position for both business attraction and growth for many reasons including the diversified economy, the strong business community, and the vibrant labour force. It’s also home to educational, cultural, and historical institutions, and offers great access to healthcare. People are drawn to Kingston because it’s a great place to live, to work and to do business, not to mention a beautiful place to visit.

Newcomers to Canada who want to make Kingston their home should consult with Matthew Jeffery, a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer. Immigrants are needed to fill imminent shortages in skilled labour markets throughout the province. Immigrants currently account for 14 percent of Kingston’s population, according to the most recent Census. By comparison, 28 percent of Ontario’s residents are immigrants.

In fact, many immigrants are now looking at smaller cities like Kingston, where there’s a good quality of life and the cost of living is reasonably affordable. Many immigrants love that Kingston is clean and safe, relatively unpolluted and with minimal traffic, and has great health care and post-secondary institutions. So, make your appointment today with immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery to discuss your entry into the beautiful city of Kingston.

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