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    main groups of Canadian Immigration services


    Defend Inadmissibility To Canada

    Foreign nationals, including temporary and permanent residents of Canada, may be inadmissible to Canada if they have been convicted of a crime, or for various other reasons…
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    Temporary Residence

    Temporary Residence Immigration Lawyer

    Foreign nationals who wish to visit, study, or work in Canada temporarily can apply for temporary residence on this basis…
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    Permanent Residence Immigration Lawyer

    Permanent Residence

    Permanent residence is a type of immigration status that grants foreign nationals the right to live in Canada, including the unlimited right to work, study, and access social services. Permanent resident status can be obtained and renewed through various immigration programs offered by the Canadian government, including as follows:

    Immigration Appeals Lawyer

    Refused immigration and citizenship applications can be appealed to the Federal Court or to the Immigration Appeal Division, depending on the type of case…
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    Citizenship Lawyer

    Canadian permanent residents can transition to being citizens of Canada by meeting a residency requirement and passing certain tests…
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