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To schedule a consultation to discuss your immigration matter with the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, please contact our office by webform using the How Can We Help form. Our office will review your correspondence and reply to you free of charge if we believe you have a case that we can assist you with, following which a consultation can be scheduled.

Consultations are generally conducted by video conference. The consultation will be attended by Mr. Jeffery or one of his senior staff. The cost is $170 for up to half an hour of our office’s time. The purpose of the consultation is to confirm your qualifications and to explain how our office can assist you with your immigration matter. Please note that our consultations are directed toward those interested in retaining our office to assist them with the full process of their immigration application. We do not conduct general consultations to explain immigration options or to answer immigration-related questions.

You can also fill out a Free Assessment Form, if you are interested in our services under the Family Sponsorship program, or the Express Entry. We will review your form free of charge and let you know whether you are qualified to apply, after which a consultation may be scheduled.

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