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    Matthew Jeffery Canada Immigration Lawyer

    Looking for an immigration lawyer in Ajax that will provide you with ongoing support and advice on immigration matters? Matthew Jeffery is a licensed attorney with more than 20 years of experience specializing in immigration matters. Whether you need help applying for permanent residence, citizenship or work permits, Mr. Jeffery is ready to review your case and let you explore your options. He has a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and is authorized by the Canadian government to appear before the Canadian courts for immigration appeals and other litigation matters.

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    When you make the decision to leave your home country and immigrate to Canada, you may feel overwhelmed by the whole immigration process. Truth be told, handling immigration matters on your own is no walk in the park. You’ll need to spend a lot of time learning about the immigration laws in Canada and studying the different categories available in order to make the right decision. This can take a lot of your time and lead to unnecessary delays in planning your move.

    When you approach an immigration lawyer for guidance, this professional will lift the burden of learning Canada’s complex immigration law off your shoulders. First, you’ll better understand your options for immigrating to Canada. Secondly, you’ll get directions on the next steps to take and even get help in handling some of the lengthy paperwork required by the immigration authorities.

    At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we come with extensive knowledge and experience in immigration matters. We help clients facing serious immigration cases such as appeals and admissibility hearings to those who require help in filling out applications or preparing for an interview.

    Our team of immigration lawyers and paralegals are dedicated to make your dreams of immigrating to Canada come true. We are happy to set up a consultation for you to discuss your unique circumstance and determine what actions will lead to a positive outcome for you. With our experience, exceptional service and proven results, rest assured that we’ll deliver beyond your expectations.

    Law Office of Matthew Jeffery

    The decision to hire an immigration lawyer to assist with your immigration process is a personal one. This is a very important step in your life and you need to choose carefully the person you ask to represent you. At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we have helped thousands of immigrants to achieve their dreams of immigrating to Canada or reuniting with their loved ones.

    When you come to us for immigration help, be assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way. We will gather all the resources required to meet the demands of your immigration case. Our team deals with only immigration cases. We’ve worked with individuals just like you and you can be assured that we’ve handled an immigration situation that’s almost similar to yours with only the best possible results.

    We are happy to share with you the cases we’ve done before if you need to perform some due diligence before hiring our team. Our team provides in-depth immigration case evaluations. If you need us to help with your immigration matter, you can retain us for a fee.

    We come with unique expertise in appeals, medical and criminal admissibility, citizenship and PR card renewals as well as all Canada immigration needs. Reach out to our office and explain your immigration matter. We promise to do our best to accommodate you.

    Immigration Services

    Family Sponsorship 

    Family sponsorship cases help to reunite families in Canada. We’ve worked with many permanent residents and citizens who are looking to bring their children, spouses or parents to live with them in Canada. There are certain requirements that both the sponsor and sponsored person must fulfill in order for their sponsorship application to be granted.

    Spousal Sponsorship

    If you are legally married to a foreign spouse, you may sponsor them to receive permanent residency in Canada. The immigration authorities will need a document like a marriage certificate which shows that your marriage is legal not only in Canada but also in the country where the certificate was issued.
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    Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

    If you have been living together with your partner for at least 12 months in a marriage-type relationship, you may be able to sponsor the foreign partner to live with you in Canada as a permanent resident. Such sponsorship applications can be overwhelming to prepare for on your own since the immigration authorities need substantial evidence to prove that the two of you have been living together as a married couple would in the last year.
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    Parental Sponsorship

    Looking to sponsor your parents to immigrate to Canada? We can help. We’ve worked with citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their aging parents to become permanent residents. We advise on the minimum requirements needed to qualify for this kind of sponsorship and help prepare the application for a successful outcome.
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    Child Sponsorship

    As a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, you may sponsor your dependent foreign child to immigrate to Canada. Child sponsorship applications are complex and parents need to ensure all minimum requirements are met before submitting the application. We can help navigate the process of sponsoring your child to join you in Canada.
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    Super Visas

    Your parents or grandparents can visit you in Canada for up to 2 years without having to renew their status if they qualify for a super visa. To qualify, they must be found admissible to Canada and have a written commitment from their child or grandchild who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and meets certain income requirements. They will also be required to undergo some medical evaluations and buy Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one year.
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    Permanent Resident Card Renewals

    When you apply to have your permanent resident card extended for a few more years, there are certain minimum requirements that you must meet in order for your PR card renewal application to be approved. At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we help our clients navigate PR card renewal applications to ensure a successful outcome.

    Regular P.R. Card Renewals

    If you have met the residency requirement, which simply dictates that you must have been in Canada for at least 2 years in the past 5 years, chances are that your PR card renewal will be approved without any issues.
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    Residency Appeals

    If your PR card renewal is rejected because of failure to meet the residency requirement, get legal assistance immediately as this is a serious case that could affect your status and result in a removal order.
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    P.R. Card Renewals On Exceptional or H&C Grounds

    When you submit your PR card renewal application but it is rejected because you did not meet the residency requirements, an alternative would be to submit a new application based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. There are other exemptions that may exist leading to your PR card being renewed even if you failed to meet the residency requirement. For instance, if you were working for a Canadian company abroad or living with a Canadian citizen spouse abroad, it may still be considered as part of the residency period.
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    Travel Document Applications

    If you are outside of Canada and your PR card expires, you may need to submit an application for travel documents needed to return to Canada.
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    Express Entry Applications 

    Many foreigners find the express entry system to be a complex and confusing process in Canada’s immigration law. At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we have helped numerous foreigners to navigate the Express Entry system from setting up their profiles to gathering all supporting documents and applying for permanent residence.

    Express Entry profile

    To apply for permanent residence under the express entry system, you must create an Express Entry profile. This allows applicants to provide information regarding their work experience, language proficiency and personal bio-data that determines if they will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Category, or Federal Skilled Trades Category.
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    Skilled Worker applications

    Many foreigners are now entering Canada under the skilled worker category. This immigration program provides foreign nationals, who have a strong educational background and work experience, a chance to apply for permanent residence in Canada as skilled workers.
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    Provincial Nomination applications

    Canadian provinces have their own jurisdiction to nominate candidates to apply for permanent residence. This allows them to select the quality of immigrants that enter their province and contribute to the Canadian economy.
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    Canadian Experience Class applications

    Foreigners who possess more than a year of skilled work experience in Canada may qualify for permanent residence under the Express Entry system. They must be able to speak English or French fluently to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class.
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    Labour Market Impact Assessments

    If a Canadian employer wants to offer a job to a foreigner, the job offer must be approved through the Labour Market Impact Assessment process. This will enable the foreigner to apply for a work permit.
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    Temporary Residence Applications

    You may require a temporary resident visa in order to stay or enter Canada for a specific period of time. Types of temporary visas include visitor visas, study permits, and work permits. These visas will be issued for periods of validity from several months to several years, depending on the nature of the temporary residence.
    There are specific requirements for each type of temporary resident visa and the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery can assist with visa applications to ensure the best chances of approval.
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    Citizenship Applications 

    Once you fulfill the residency requirement, you may begin the process of applying for Canadian citizenship. Citizenship applications can be long and confusing. You need professional help especially if you’re dealing with a complex citizenship matter that requires legal representation. At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we come with extensive skills and experience in handling citizenship cases.

    Citizenship Applications

    We can help you navigate the process of applying for Canadian citizenship if you have physically resided in Canada for at least two years within a 5-year period.
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    Residency Questionnaires

    If you have met the residency requirement for partnership, you may submit your citizenship application and later asked to provide additional information regarding your case. We can help you accurately fill in your residency questionnaires.
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    Citizenship Interviews

    Some applications may result in a citizenship interview that’s conducted by either a citizenship officer or the citizenship judge. At our law office, we help candidates prepare for these interviews and increase their chances of getting approved for citizenship.
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    Citizenship Appeals

    When the Canadian authorities reject a citizenship application, the applicant may submit an appeal within 30 days from the date they received the decision. This appeal is made to the Federal Court of Canada.
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    Citizenship Revocation Matters

    Canadian employers are required to undergo the Labour Market Impact Assessment process for any job offers that target foreign nationals in order for the candidates to be allowed to apply for a permanent resident or a work permit.
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    Immigration Appeals 

    Our immigration lawyers can assist foreign nations with complex appeal cases. Whether your application for permanent residence has been rejected or you are facing a removal order and want to file an appeal, we can help. We help you prepare for any hearings or respond to letter of concern received by the immigration authorities.

    Federal Court Judicial Review

    When you appeal to the Federal Court, you do this by way of an application for leave and judicial review. Our immigration lawyers can explain how this process works and help you determine if it’s an ideal approach for your unique circumstances.
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    Residency Appeals

    If you were filing for citizenship but your application was not approved because of failure to meet the residency requirement, you can submit an appeal to contest the decision. Appeals are made to the Immigration Appeal Division within 60 days from the date the decision was made.
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    Sponsorship Appeals

    You may apply to sponsor your parents, grandparents, a dependent child or spouse for permanent residence in Canada. Some issues may result in the sponsorship application being denied. Call our lawyer immediately to help you understand the reasons for denial and advice on the next steps.
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    Misrepresentation Appeals

    If an immigration application is not approved due to a misrepresentation matter, you may risk being denied entry to other countries, not just Canada. Consider this a serious legal matter that can only be handled by an experienced immigration lawyer.
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    Removal Order Appeals

    If you are at risk of being deported talk to an immigration lawyer immediately to help you file an appeal. The removal order can be stopped which gives you more time to remain in Canada as you wait for other immigration processes.
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    Inadmissibility Cases

    Are you facing allegations of inadmissibility? A foreign national may be denied entry to Canada due to reasons such as misrepresentation, criminality, or simply failing to meet the criteria of the Act. Our lawyers can assist in dealing with inadmissibility cases. We’ve helped clients who have been denied entry to Canada on grounds of criminality among other factors. We’re able to defend our clients in all kinds of admissibility matters.

    Admissibility Hearings

    The Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board often handles hearings where a case is heard to determine if a foreign national or permanent resident is admissible to Canada.
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    Detention Review Hearings

    This is a special kind of hearing that is done for foreign nationals who have been detained as they await the execution of a removal order or any other pending immigration process. During the hearing, the Immigration and Refugee Board will determine if the foreigner needs to be detained or should be released depending on the risks they pose.
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    If you have been declared criminally inadmissible to Canada, a way to get approval to enter Canada is by seeking rehabilitation. However, not everyone convicted with a criminal offence qualifies for rehabilitation so you need to check with your lawyer whether you qualify.
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    Temporary Resident Permits

    In case you have been declared criminally inadmissible but you do not qualify for rehabilitation, you can still qualify for a temporary resident permit. A TRP allows you to enter Canada for just a short period of time. You must have a compelling reason to be in the country for you to be issued with this permit.
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    Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

    Another option to gain permanent residence in Canada if you do not qualify under any of the standard immigration programs is to apply based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds (H&C).
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    Business Immigration Program

    Most immigration programs in Canada are the jurisdiction of the Federal government. However, Canadian provinces and territories have their own immigration programs where they are allowed to nominate foreign nationals to apply for permanent residence if they meet certain minimum requirements. Talk to us to discover what options you have if you’d like to immigrate to Canada for work or business.
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    Federal Self-Employed Program

    Are you self-employed? Looking to immigrate to Canada for entrepreneurship? The federal government has a range of programs that allows entrepreneurs and self-employed foreign nationals to grow Canada’s economy.
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    Entrepreneur Immigration

    Before the passing of Bill C-31 in June 2014, The Federal Immigration Entrepreneur Program brought many experienced businesspersons from all parts of the world to live and grow businesses in Canada. There are still programs in place to foster entrepreneur immigration. Speak to our immigration consultants and we’ll offer advice on the next steps.
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    Investor Immigration Programs

    If you would like to immigrate to Canada as an investor, you may apply for different programs such as the Manitoba Business Investor Stream (previously known as Manitoba Provincial Nominee Business Program) and the Quebec Investor Immigration Program.
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    Quebec Investor Program

    Quebec’s government selects its own economic immigrants based on certain criteria. If you would like to immigrate to Quebec, select the immigration program that is likely to fit your needs. Consider your work experience, skills, and language proficiency before submitting your application.
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    Work Permit 

    Are you looking for a permit or work visa? In order to work legally in Canada, you must have a permit or work visa that is valid. We can help you understand your options of immigration programs that are aimed at bringing in individuals who would contribute positively to Canada economically, socially, and culturally.
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    Labour Market Impact Assessment

    Some Canadian employers who need to fill in a temporary skill or labour shortage may hire a foreign national under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). This program is ideal for smaller organizations in Canada that don’t have the resources to conduct a LMIA.
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    Intra-Company Transferee

    Employers in Canada may be exempted from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) via the Canadian International Mobility Program (IMP). This allows them to still post job offers on the job bank where foreign nationals can apply.
    Read More

    NAFTA Work Permit

    When The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was passed, people from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico enjoyed labour movements across the 3 countries because this treaty created a North American trilateral trade bloc.
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    Significant Benefit Work Permit

    This special permit is only given to economic immigrants who have demonstrated that they would contribute to Canada’s economy in a substantial way.
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    Study Permits

    After being accepted into a Canadian school, the next step is to apply for a study permit. This permit enables foreign nationals to study in Canada. A permit is a temporary visa that is valid for a number of years. In this case, validity depends on the duration of your study.

    In order to qualify for a study permit, you must show proof of having been admitted to a school program in Canada. You may also be required to prove that you have adequate funds to pay for the tuition fees as well as support yourself while in Canada.

    The immigration officer will assess the application and determine whether you are likely to return to your home country at the end of your studies. When you hire our immigration lawyer, you can get help to assess your application and determine if it’s been properly prepared to increase your chances of getting an approval. Read More

    Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visas

    Want to visit Canada for a short period of time? You may need a temporary resident visa depending on the country, which you’re coming from. There are certain countries that are exempt from having a temporary resident visa to enter Canada.

    Temporary resident visas can be single or multiple entry visas. When the immigration officer is assessing the application for a temporary resident visa, he looks at several factors such as the purpose of the visit, whether the applicant has funds to support themselves during their stay as well as if they are likely to return to their home country at the end of the trip.

    If you have a compelling reason to enter Canada on a short-term basis and you have the funds to support yourself during your stay, there are high chances that your visa application will be approved. Read More

    Business Visitor Visa

    Want to take your next business trip to Canada? Applying for a business visitor visa may be necessary depending on your home country. The temporary resident business visa allows you to perform certain business activities while on your trip.
    Read More

    Super Visas

    These are special visas issued by the immigration authorities to allow parents and grandparents of permanent residents and citizens of Canada to enter Canada for an extended stay of up to 2 years without having to renew the visa each time.
    Read More

    Refugee Protection Claims 

    The Canadian government offers unwavering support to foreign nationals undergoing hardships that limit their human rights and freedom. The refugee and asylum seeker protection program was developed to provide foreign nationals an opportunity to move to Canada and begin a new life. When you visit our law office, you’ll find a team of dedicated legal professionals ready to help you prepare an application that’s fit for your needs. Whether you need help to apply for refugee protection or determining your eligibility, we’re here for you.

    Please contact us for further information.

    Filing Refugee Claims

    Matthew Jeffery and his team can help Brampton clients throughout the process of filing a refugee claim. We know that many things go into making sure the refugee claim is successful. From making sure the forms are completed accurately to preparing the applicant for hearing, our lawyers can be of invaluable help. You can rely on our expertise to increase your chances of a successful claim. Read More

    Refugee Immigration Appeals

    When a refugee claim is submitted, The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) decides the case. The RPD may choose to deny a claim and when this happens, an appeal may be made to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). RAD then decides whether to allow or deny the appeal. In most cases, the appeal is done on paper and doesn’t result in a hearing.
    Read More

    Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

    If you have been issued with a removal order, you may apply for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) while still in Canada. This application is made to allow you to stay in the country by showing that there is a risk of harm if deported to your home country. The law office of Matthew Jeffery can help you prepare for a removal order.
    Read More

    Humanitarian Grounds

    If you do not qualify for permanent residence in Canada under any of the regular immigration programs, you may apply based on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds. This application would simply show that the foreign national is likely to face unusual, undeserved, or disproportionate hardship in their home country and therefore qualifies to seek for H&C consideration. Our immigration lawyer can review your case and determine if you qualify for permanent resident status based on humanitarian grounds. Read More

    Refugee Appeals

    You can appeal the decision made by the Refugee Protection Division by filing a claim to the RAD (Refugee Appeal Division). In this new claim, you may introduce new information or evidence that wasn’t reasonably available at the time of the process conducted by the Refugee Protection Division. We can help prepare this application. Read More

    Federal Court Appeals

    If the Refugee Appeal Division rejects a refugee claim, you can make a further appeal to the Federal Court within 15 days. The Federal Court will perform an assessment where it is determined whether the decision made was reasonable, fair, and was otherwise made in accordance with the law. If there was a reviewable error, the decision will be overturned and the matter sent to a tribunal for a new decision to be made. Read More

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    Ajax is a town of about 100 thousand residents, located in Durham Region, about 25 kilometers east of Toronto. Ajax is bordered by the city of Pickering and Town of Whitby, and by Lake Ontario to the south. The city is named in honor of the HMS Ajax, a Canadian Naval ship that serviced in World War II. Ajax’s population is diverse, with significant proportions of it’s population identifying as either Black, South Asian, East Asian, West Asian, Arab, or Latin American. Interestingly, the population of Ajax has the greatest proportion of black people of any major city in Canada. The average price of a house in Ajax (as of the 2006 census) is approximately 295 thousand dollars. Compare this to over 600 thousand dollars for the City of Toronto. This makes purchasing a home or renting in Ajax a very attractive option. Many people have noted the rapid pace of housing development that has occurred in Ajax over the recent years. Ajax’s proximity to Toronto, diverse population, and affordable housing, make it a great place for recent immigrants to settle and start a life in Canada. In fact, according to The National Household Survey, conducted in 2011, approximately 8 percent of Ajax residents are relatively recent immigrants. Ajax’s population is also younger than that of Canada as a whole, with a median age of approximately 35 years, compared to about 40 for Canada as a whole. Given the many advantages associated with living in Ajax, it is unsurprising that a young family or recently arrived Canadian would want to put down roots in Ajax. In terms of employment opportunities, Ajax is home to Volkswagen’s Canadian headquarters, which houses a 400 thousand square foot parts distribution center that services all of Canada. Neighboring Oshawa is also home to a major General Motors assembly plant. The plant, knows as “Oshawa Car Assembly” employs almost four thousand people, and includes a 10 million square foot factory floor. Interestingly, the plant is actually one of the biggest car assembly plants in the world. The plant is a major employer of people in the Durham Region and the surrounding area. The Durham Region also provides post-secondary educational opportunities. Oshawa is home to both the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), and Durham College. Durham College is a career-focused college offering programs related to engineering and manufacturing, among other fields. Trent University also has an Oshawa Campus. If you live in Ajax or elsewhere within Durham Region, we are available to assist you in having your immigration related matters sorted out. Specifically, expert immigration lawyer in Ajax Matthew Jeffery is available to answer your immigration related questions. Come visit us in Ajax, or give us a call at 866-886-8014. We look forward to assisting you.

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