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A Toronto-based immigration lawyer in Windsor with years of experience handling a wide range of immigration cases, Matthew Jeffery’s expertise covers areas such as citizenship applications and permanent and temporary residence applications and renewals.

Mr. Jeffery’s practice specializes in the full range of Canadian immigration appeal and litigation services including appeals to the immigration appeals division and judicial review before the Federal Court of Canada. Mr. Jeffery holds a law degree from the Osgoode Hall Law School at York University and has been certified as an immigration law specialist by the Immigration Law Society of Upper Canada.

Mr. Jeffery is proud to bring his years of immigration law experience and legal expertise to the community of Windsor, Ontario.

Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada and is an important commercial and transportation hub for both Canada and the United States. It is situated directly across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan and has been a major contributor to the Canadian automotive industry for many decades.

Windsor has the honour of being the second most diverse city in Ontario outside of the Greater Toronto Area and is an important city for new and recent immigrants trying to establish themselves in Canada.

Windsor has long been a destination for new immigrants to Canada and according to statistics Canada more than 20% of the city’s population is foreign born. Mr. Jeffery’s is proud to offer his extensive services and experience to those new Canadians who are thinking of making Windsor their home and who may need help understanding and navigating the country’s complex immigration procedures.

Mr. Jeffery is pleased to offer all clients a free assessment in order to determine whether they are eligible for permanent residence status in Canada under one of three categories: family sponsorship, skilled worker or business class categories. The process is straightforward. Simply complete the assessment form and find out if you qualify for consideration under any of the categories. Upon completing the assessment and ascertaining your eligibility, Mr. Jeffery’s practice will contact you and discuss any additional services or fees that might apply to handling your case.

Mr. Jeffery’s dedication and conscientious work ethic have garnered him numerous testimonials from clients all over the world who have respected and benefited from his professionalism and in-depth legal knowledge. They have been organized by subject matter into specific immigration law categories and provide valuable insight into how a competent and sincere immigration lawyer is able to help new arrivals to our country streamline and navigate the immigration process.

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If you are interested in learning more about Mr. Jeffery’s services and the nature of Canadian immigration law, we recommend that you spend some time reading through the extensive blog posts Mr. Jeffery and his firm regularly provide to update current and prospective clients on significant developments and important information surrounding Canadian immigration law.

If you or anyone you know in the Windsor area would like to speak to an experienced immigration lawyer about any legal issue pertaining to immigration, please give Mr. Jeffery a call.

If you would prefer to contact Mr. Jeffery via email, he will personally review your correspondence and reply to you free of charge if he believes he can be of assistance to your case. Following this, a private consultation can be scheduled. If you have inquiries regarding fees and payment, please contact Mr. Jeffery directly as they are subject to the various complexities and time requirements of each individual case.

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