Permanent Residency For International Students

Canada has one of the world’s most diverse populations, consisting of a highly skilled workforce. This is in part a result of the options that international students have for gaining…

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How Can Employers Provide Express Entry?

The economic immigration system in Canada is now operating more efficiently than ever, at least that is the intent of the revised “Express Entry” program that started in January 2015.…

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Fraud Warning

It has come to our office’s attention that offers of employment are being made using our firm name and letterhead and fraudulently signed and stamped in the name of Matthew Jeffery.

Note that our office does not find or offer employment to people as one of our services and any such job offers are fraudulent. We also do not assist with any work permit applications unless the applicant already has a job offer in Canada.

Caution should be exercised when dealing with any individuals purporting to be Matthew Jeffery or employed by Matthew Jeffery’s law firm if their communications do not originate from our offices in Canada, which contact information should correspond with the information on our website www.matthewjeffery.com. If in doubt as to the legitimacy of a communication from our office please contact us by email at [email protected]