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    Canadian Immigration Lawyer in Newmarket

    The law office of Matthew Jeffery, an immigration expert, based in Newmarket, Canada.
    Matthew Jeffery Immigration Lawyer Toronto

    A renowned Barrister and Solicitor, Matthew Jeffery is a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of immigration law in Canada. He specializes in all elements of immigration law including permanent resident card renewals, work permits, citizenship applications, family & spousal sponsorships, Express Entry applications, visitor visas, study permits, and a broad range of immigration litigation services such as citizenship appeals, appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division, and appeals to the Federal Court.

    Matthew Jeffery is recognized as one of the most competent lawyers in Canadian immigration law and has the experience required to successfully guide both immigrants and the Canadians through the complex immigration system in Canada.

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    Immigration Services

    Family Sponsorships

    The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery offers a broad range of services to help both permanent residents and Canadian citizens to bring their foreign relatives to live in Canada. We have many years of experience with spousal and common-law partner sponsorships and our experts deliver unparalleled guidance and expertise when handling these matters.

    Spousal sponsorships

    If you are married and you have Canadian citizenship or permanent residence, then you can sponsor your foreign spouse to obtain permanent residence in Canada. To go through the process, you must first apply for sponsorship approval before the immigration authority will allow you to sponsor your spouse. Read More

    Common-law partner sponsorships

    People who have been living together in a marriage-like relationship for more than one year but are not legally married are considered common-law partners. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in this kind of relationship with a foreign partner, then you can sponsor your partner for permanent residence in Canada. Read More

    Parental sponsorships

    The immigration law in Canada allows you to bring your foreign parents over to the country. If you are going to sponsor your parents, then you must prove your financial ability to provide for them while staying in the country. Read More

    Child sponsorships

    You can sponsor a dependent, adopted, or orphaned child to Canada. As long as you are over 18 years old and have citizenship or permanent residency in the country, you are allowed to sponsor a child. There is no minimum income level for sponsoring a child. Read More

    Super visa

    A Super Visa is a special type of visa that gives foreign parents and grandparents the chance to visit their children in the country for up to two years at a time. The multi-entry visa is valid for a decade. Unlike the ordinary temporary resident visa, the Special Visa allows foreign national parents to visit their children or grandchildren in Canada for an extended period of time. Read More

    Express Entry Applications

    The Express Entry program was implemented in January 2015 and it’s a new system for managing immigration applications for different economic immigrant programs. However, this program has made the immigration system even more complicated. The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery has been assisting with the Express Entry since its launch and we have helped thousands of immigrants successfully. We can help handle any of the following:

    Express Entry profiles

    You can migrate to Canada via the Express Entry program. There are three categories for express entry application: the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Trades, and Federal Skilled Workers. In each group, you must complete your online Express Entry Profile and demonstrate your language skills. Also, the Education Credential Assessment (ECA) must attest your education credentials. Read More

    Skilled Worker applications

    Skilled workers with at least one-year work experience can apply for Express Entry in Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker Category (FSWC) allows foreign workers living outside of Canada to apply for permanent residence directly even if they do not have a job offer in Canada. Read More

    Provincial Nomination applications

    Apart from the immigration categories supported by the federal government in Canada, each province in Canada has its own small immigration program. Each of the provinces can invite persons for permanent residency as long as they meet their specific migration requirements. These programs involve bringing in skilled and experienced workers into the sectors with labour shortages. Read More

    Canadian Experience Class applications

    The Canadian Express Class (CEC) is another way of applying for permanent residency in Canada. If you are going to apply for CEC, then you must have at least one-year of full-time skilled work experience in Canada. You must also show the ability to speak in either French or English. Read More

    Labour Market Impact Assessments

    Persons who wish to apply under the Express Entry will obtain bonus points if they have arranged employment supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  To obtain an LMIA, you first need a Canadian employer willing to offer you a job, then the employer needs to make an application to the government human resources department for approval to hire a foreign worker.  The approval is called an LMIA and can be used to support your Express Entry application. Read More

    Permanent Resident Card Renewals

    If you’re looking to become a permanent resident in Canada, you aren’t alone. More than 200,000 people get permanent resident status annually.  New permanent residents are issued Permanent Resident Cards (PR Cards) that expire after 5 years.  The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery can help get your permanent resident card renewed. You can consult with us to get help in the following areas:

    P.R. card renewals on exceptional or H&C grounds

    PR cards are only valid for five years and are renewable as long as the cardholders stay in the country for at least two years in that period. If a PR cardholder travels outside the country with a Canadian spouse, then the time spent outside the country is counted as if they were residing in Canada. You can also renew your PR Card on humanitarian grounds. Read More

    Regular P.R. card renewals

    Regular PR card renewals should happen after every five years. Before you are issued a new PR card, you must show your travel history to the immigration department. This is to prove that indeed you have been in the country for not less than two years. Read More

    Travel Document applications

    Regular PR card renewals should happen after every five years. Before you are issued a new PR card, you must show your travel history to the immigration department. This is to prove that indeed you have been in the country for not less than two years. Read More

    Residency Appeals

    If you are planning to travel outside the country and the immigration department refuses to renew your PR card, the federal government through the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration Refugee Board, allows you to appeal within 60 days. You can file an appeal based on Humanitarian and Companionate grounds if you are not meeting the residency requirement. Read More

    Business Immigration Program

    People who own an operate their own businesses and wish to immigrate to Canada can do so through the Quebec Investor category, or for those who are engaged in the cultural industry, through the Self-Employed Category. You can rely on our experts for the following: Read More

    Federal Self-employed Program

    Individuals with an established business in a cultural industry such as the arts or athletics, can migrate to Canada through the Federal Self-Employed Program. For you to qualify for this program, you must be able and willing to be self-employed while you reside in Canada. Read More

    Quebec Investor Program

    Quebec Investor Program is meant for those investors intending to secure permanent residency in Quebec. To qualify for this program, you must have a net worth of at least $2,000,000 CAD and be willing to invest $1,200,000 through the Quebec government. If you want to move to Canada through this investor program, you should hire a qualified immigration attorney to assist. Read More

    Work Permit

    Work visas and work permits let you work temporarily in Canada. The Canadian government has various programs created to bring people who will positively contribute to the country’s economy through their employment with a Canadian company.  The starting place with most types of work permits is to have a Canadian employer willing to offer you a position.  It then becomes a question of which type of work permit application applies to your circumstances. Read More

    Labour Market Impact Assessment

    Most work permit applications must be supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  Employers in Canada may employ skilled workers from outside the country if they can demonstrate a labour shortage in the country.  Before they may hire a foreign worker, employers must apply for and obtain an LMIA from the federal human resources department.  If approved, the foreign worker they wish to hire can then apply for a work permit. Read More

    Intra-Company Transferee

    Businesses who have a branch in Canada and also foreign branches can transfer senior management employees to Canada using the intra-company transferee work permit category.  This type of work permit does not require and LMIA and can be done fairly quickly. Read More

    NAFTA Work Permit

    Citizens of either Mexico or the US can apply for a work permit through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if they are professionals or other certain categories of workers.  A job offer from a Canadian employer and proof of qualifications is required, but such workers are LMIA exempt. Read More

    Significant Benefit Work Permit

    Significant Benefit Work Permits may be issued to individuals who can bring a significant benefit to Canada. These individuals can be successful entrepreneurs, artists, or investors who wish to work temporarily in Canada. Read More

    Study Permits

    Foreigners who have been admitted into an education program in Canada need to obtain a study permit that can allow them to stay and study in Canada. Simply put, these are temporary visas and their validity period is tied to the school program timeframe, which is usually 1-4 years.

    The applicant must prove that they’re registered in that specific school program to qualify for a study permit. They must have enough funds to pay their tuition expenses and support themselves. Read More

    Temporary Residence Visas

    Canada welcomes over 35 million temporary residents annually. Unless you’re a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, you need a visitor visa to enter Canada. The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery can help you acquire the specific type of visitor visa you require.

    Temporary Resident Visas

    If you intend to visit Canada for pleasure or business reasons, you require a temporary resident visa. Note that citizens of some countries are exempt from this condition, but others are not. A temporary resident visa may be single or multiple-entry and allow a visitor to enter and stay in Canada for a maximum of six months. Read More

    Business Visitor Visa

    If you plan to visit Canada for business reasons, you need a business visitor visa and this depends on your home country. You can acquire a temporary residence business visa that lets you conduct the specified business activities. If you’re coming from a nation like the United Kingdom and Mexico whose visa agreement with Canada doesn’t need a temporary visa for tourists and business visits, you will need an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) before you get to Canada. Read More

    Super Visas

    This is a specific type of visitor visa that lets grandparents or parents of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen visit the country for up to two years for each visit. Super visas are typically multi-entry for a period of ten years. To acquire such a visa, your Canadian grandchild or child must have enough income to sponsor your visit, and you must pass a medical examination and acquire private medical insurance. Read More

    Citizenship Applications

    Are you a Canadian permanent resident who has fulfilled all the requirements to apply for citizenship? You can benefit from the expert counsel of our immigration law experts. We work tirelessly to get our clients’ applications processed successfully. We can help you handle the following:

    Citizenship applications

    If you’re a permanent resident in Canada, you can apply for citizenship if you have been physically present in Canada for a certain period. This method of acquiring citizenship is known as naturalization. Read More

    Residency questionnaires

    In the process applying for Canadian citizenship, the authorities might request more details about you to assess whether or not you meet the residency requirements to be awarded citizenship. Read More

    Citizenship interviews

    In case the Canadian citizenship authorities have further doubts as to whether or not you meet the basic requirements to acquire citizenship, they can schedule an interview with the citizenship judge or officer. Read More

    Citizenship appeals

    Not all citizenship applications are accepted. If Canadian citizenship authorities rejected yours, the law allows you to appeal to the federal court within a period of 30 days. Read More

    Citizenship revocation matters

    A naturalized Canadian citizen could lose his or her citizenship if it was acquired fraudulently. The impact of revocation largely depends on where the fraud happened. Such complex cases require the representation of a good attorney. Read More

    Immigration Appeals

    The legal experts at the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge in handling complex immigration appeals. We can also help people required to respond to various letters of concern sent by the Canadian immigration authorities. Our experts can also help people who have been convoked for an immigration interview.

    Federal Court Judicial Review

    The legal experts at the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge in handling complex immigration appeals. We can also help people required to respond to various letters of concern sent by the Canadian immigration authorities. Our experts can also help people who have been convoked for an immigration interview. Read More

    Residency Appeals

    If your application to get your permanent resident card or travel document was rejected, there is a good chance that you will lose your permanent residency status. Fortunately, you can appeal to Canada’s Immigration Appeal Division. This must be done within 60 days. Read More

    Sponsorship Appeals

    Are you a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and your application to sponsor a close family member has been rejected by the immigration authorities? You have up to 30 days to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division. Read More

    Misrepresentation Appeals

    Sometimes, some Canadian permanents are resident found guilty of misrepresentation. Such individuals have a maximum of 30 days to appeal to Canada’s Immigration Appeal Division. Read More

    Removal Order Appeals

    Once you lose your immigration status in Canada on the basis of misrepresentation or criminal activities, you will be ordered to leave the country. You have up to 30 days to make an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division. Read More

    U.S.A. to Canada Immigration

    Over recent years, we have had many Americans asking about immigrating to Canada. Well, the country welcomes many Americans to work, live permanently, study, or visit. Note that a United States citizen can enter Canada as a visitor without a visa for a maximum of 6 months.

    To work or study in Canada, a United States citizen must acquire the right permit, and this requires an application to the immigration authorities in Canada.

    US citizens can also acquire permanent residence through different programs such as the Express Entry category, or through spousal sponsorship if they are married to a Canadian.

    Upon approval as a permanent resident of Canada, the US citizen can eventually acquire citizenship in Canada.  It is allowed to have dual US/Canadian citizenship, so you can keep your US citizenship even if you become a Canadian.

    Such a lengthy, legal process requires an in-depth understanding of Canadian immigration law. The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery can help you to get your desired immigration status. Read More

    Inadmissibility Cases

    Permanent residents in Canada or foreign nationals can be subject to various allegations of immigration inadmissibility for many reasons including criminality, misrepresentation, or other failures to meet the requirements set by the law. The professionals at the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery boast a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in handling such matters. You can count on us for professional help.

    Admissibility Hearings

    Are you battling with an immigration inadmissibility case? The Canadian immigration division of the refugee board can convoke a hearing to establish whether or not a permanent resident or foreign national is inadmissible to the country. Read More

    Detention Review Hearings

    Sometimes, the immigration authorities will detain a foreign national pending their deportation. This is considered an exceptional measure, and the immigration division will always hold hearings to decide if the detained person should be released. Read More


    If you’re a foreign national who is criminally inadmissible to Canada, sometimes you might qualify for rehabilitation. That means your criminal act won’t be considered as a reason for inadmissibility. Read More

    Temporary Resident Permits

    Are you a foreign national convicted of a criminal act and you are not eligible for rehabilitation? You can still apply for a TRP (Temporary Resident Permit). However, you must have a compelling reason to enter the country for a short period. Read More

    Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

    There is another recourse for people who are inadmissible to Canada or are not eligible for a visa under normal circumstances. These people can apply for an exemption to those specific criteria of immigration law based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds if there is some compelling reason why the immigration authorities should do so. Read More

    Refugee Protection Claims

    People seeking Canada’s protection can make a refugee claim if they’re already in Canada. Simply put, a refugee is an individual fleeing persecution in their home country based on religion, nationality, race, political opinion, or belonging to a specific social group.

    You can also acquire refugee status if you can prove that your life is at risk or you face cruel and unusual treatment or punishment or torture in your home country. The risk must be a personal one rather than a general risk faced by nearly everyone. You must also prove that the law enforcement in your country is unwilling or unable to protect you.

    Please contact us for further information.

    Refugee Immigration Appeals

    The Refugee Protection Division is empowered to review refugee board decisions where a refugee claim has been refused. In case your claim is rejected, you can make an appeal to the RAD (Refugee Appeal Division) within 15 days. Read More

    Matthew Jeffery can help you immigrate to Canada

    Immigration to Canada isn’t as easy as many people think. There are numerous steps you must take to apply successfully and gain approval for Canada immigration.
    Currently, the country admits more than 300,000 new permanent residents annually, gets millions of visitors each year, and hundreds of thousands of workers and students annually. This has made the entire country a multi-cultural society that’s well-known for its diversity.
    The country is recognized for its strong humanitarian tradition and adherence to uphold and defend human rights. That’s the primary reason Canada welcomes tens of thousands of people fleeing wars and persecution in their home nations.

    If you wish to immigrate to Canada, the first and most important step is to assess the different categories under which the nation admits people, and choose a single category that’s appropriate for you based on your situation.

    Our online platform offers in-depth information regarding all the main categories of immigration law. By interacting with various sections of our website, you will understand different categories of immigration and can choose what’s best for you. Also, you can fill in the free assessment forms available on the website and get your qualifications assessed by one of our professionals, or you can contact Matthew Jeffery directly to have your concerns addressed.

    Since its inception nearly twenty years ago, the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery has been helping people from different parts of the world to immigrate to Canada to study, work or even live in Canada. If you need more information about immigrating to Canada, contact us for more details.

    The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery

    Our fundamental objective is to help our clients accomplish their immigration goals successfully. The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery takes pride in its diverse team of immigration lawyers, licensed paralegals, professional immigration consultants, legal administrators and secretaries. These experts have many decades of combined experience and are capable of handling all types of Canadian immigration matters. We have helped thousands of clients to successfully achieve their immigration goals.

    The entire process of getting served by the experts at The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery starts with the client self-identifying the specific category of immigration under which they intend to file an application. Our website offers in-depth explanations regarding various categories. Clients can also fill in a free assessment form to help them find out different ways of immigrating to Canada. They can also make direct inquiries via email to our law firm in case they need finer details.

    If you firmly believe that you’re qualified, you can contact our law office and schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can make a direct call to our office and speak to our receptionist. Remember, you will meet Matthew Jeffery or one of his senior staff during the consultation. Consultations can be made via phone calls or in person.

    The primary goal of the initial consultation is to effectively assess and verify the prospective client’s qualifications, clarify the legal process involved, and help the client understand our services and fees. If you intend to start the immigration process immediately, you will be required to sign a written retainer agreement with our office setting out the specific services to be provided and the fees to be paid. Upon your consent to retain our services, our experts will help you handle the preparation, filing, and processing of your immigration application.

    Matthew Jeffery’s Law Office recognizes the importance of each immigration case to the client, and we always treat every case carefully. Our experts endeavor to offer the highest level of quality and care while handling your case. They will work tirelessly to provide you with the best chance of success in your pursuit for permanent residence, a work permit, study permit, Canadian citizenship, or any other immigration case.

    While applying for a Canadian visa and dealing with the immigration department is a huge undertaking, the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery will take all the necessary steps to ensure that your immigration case proceeds, professionally and quickly.

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    Immigration Appeals Lawyer in Newmarket

    With a population of 84,224 (as of 2016), Newmarket is a town and the regional seat of York’s Regional Municipality in Ontario, a Canadian province. Both citizens and permanent residents in this town are invited to consult with the most reputable immigration appeals lawyer in Newmarket – Matthew Jeffery.

    The town features a diverse and fast-growing economy based majorly on health care, business services, retail, and manufacturing economies. The area has learning institutions, courts, lawyers, and other legal institutions. These are some of the things that attract foreign nationals to study, work, or live here. The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery offers you a chance to get your immigration case handled by an experienced and the most trusted immigration appeals lawyer in Newmarket and other nearby cities.

    If you’re an immigrant seeking permanent resident card, work permit, or other details about appeals and citizenship, don’t hesitate to contact us.