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    Matthew Jeffery Canada Immigration Lawyer

    Matthew Jeffery is a licensed immigration lawyer Pickering with a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and more than 20 years of experience in immigration law.

    Mr. Jeffery provides the full range of immigration services including help in permanent residence card renewals, work permit and visa applications, immigration appeals and other litigation matters.

    He is certified in Immigration Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada and comes with the expertise to provide the best legal advice on matters involving the Canadian immigration system.

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    We can help you to immigrate to Canada 

    With more than 60 immigration programs available to you, the process of immigrating to Canada can be overwhelming to foreigners who choose to tackle it on their own. With the help of experienced professionals at the law office of Matthew Jeffery, you can get the guidance you need to ensure a positive outcome. With more than 300,000 new permanent residents being accepted into Canada every year, your application will be successful if you take the right steps.

    One of the greatest disadvantages of having to handle the immigration process on your own is that it requires extensive research and education on Canada’s complex immigration law. You need to study all categories available and then determine which one is best for you. Should you decide to seek professional help, all you have to do is follow the recommendations given by your immigration consultant.

    At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we help applicants fill out the different forms required by the immigration authorities. We also help our clients prepare for the interview. For more complex matters that require litigation, we represent our clients in court and help them prepare for hearings.

    We handle all kinds of immigration matters from appeals to inadmissibility hearings, sponsorship cases, and Express Entry applications. We provide the guidance you need to make the immigration process as smooth and pleasant as possible and increase your chances of getting a positive outcome.

    Law Office of Matthew Jeffery 

    The law office of Matthew Jeffery is a Pickering law firm offering all kinds of immigration services. We’ve worked with both individuals and organizations seeking entry to Canada for their workers. We understand that immigration issues can be overwhelming to the applicant and the family involved. Canada’s immigration system is also complex to navigate. With lots of information online, applicants are often left frustrated and overwhelmed. Our immigration lawyers in Pickering can help.

    At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we take pride in finding effective solutions to some of the most complex immigration problems. We go to the greatest extent possible to take the pain out of the difficult immigration problems and ensure that your dreams of starting a new life in Canada come true.

    We have worked with applicants who require entry as temporary residents, permanent residents, students as well as workers who require an extension or change of status while already in Canada. We’ve also handled immigration appeals, admissibility cases and hearings in different immigration courts. Our services also include appeals and re-submission of applications that were previously denied.

    Trust us to be an invaluable resource for everything immigration. We’ll be there when you need us and respond to your messages and calls quickly giving you all the information you need to feel secure about the immigration process. You can reach us on email, phone or through live chat on this website. You may also book a one-on-one consultation at our law office to speak to a lawyer who will answer all your queries.

    Immigration Services

    Family Sponsorship 

    Family class sponsorship programs give Canadian citizens and permanent residents an opportunity to reunite with their family members and begin their lives together again. The eligible family members who you can sponsor to immigrate to Canada include dependent children, parents, grandparents, spouse and a common-law or conjugal partner.

    Spousal Sponsorship Cases

    To sponsor a spouse to immigrate to Canada, you need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with no admissibility cases. You’ll also need a valid marriage document like a marriage certificate which is not only recognized in the country in which the marriage took place but also in the Canadian province you wish to immigrate to.
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    Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

    A common-law partnership exists when two people have been living in a marriage-like relationship for at least 12 months without long absences from each other. To sponsor a common law partner, you will be required to provide a substantial amount of evidence that proves you and your partner are a legitimate couple and you’ve been living together in a marriage-type commitment.
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    Parental Sponsorship

    To sponsor a parent to join you in Canada, you must be a permanent resident or citizen with no admissibility issues. You must also demonstrate that you are financially capable of supporting your parents when they enter Canada. Sponsors sign an undertaking and a sponsorship agreement, which commits that the sponsor will provide full financial support for the basic needs of the parent who is being sponsored for a period of time.
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    Child Sponsorship

    You may also qualify to sponsor a foreign child to live with you in Canada. To be approved as a sponsor, the Canadian citizen or permanent resident must be at least 18 years of age, must reside in Canada and be willing to sign an undertaking which shows commitment to being financially responsible for the child once he or she arrives in Canada.
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    Super Visas

    Parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident may qualify for a super visa if they are admissible to Canada and have a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild. The super visa allows the parent or grandparent to enter Canada for up to two years without having to renew their status.
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    Permanent Resident Card Renewals 

    Do you wish to extend your PR card for another five years? In this case, you will need to file for a PR card renewal. Our law office has helped many permanent residents in PR card renewal cases. We can assist with filling in the applications as well as providing the supporting documents required to show that you’ve met the residency requirement.

    Residency Appeals

    For PR card renewals that have been rejected by the immigration authorities, applicants can submit an appeal.

    Regular P.R. Card Renewals

    Our law office can also assist permanent residents who have met the residency requirement and need to renew their PR cards. We’ll advise on the next steps to take and play an active role in preparing your application.
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    P.R. Card Renewals On Exceptional or H&C Grounds

    If you are a permanent resident but haven’t met the residency requirement to qualify for a regular PR card renewal, you may apply for renewal based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. These applications often require extensive preparation since there’s a lot of documentation required to prove your case.
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    Travel Document Applications

    If you had a PR card that has expired outside the country, you may not be able to renew it overseas. An option would be to apply for some travel documents in order to enter Canada and renew your PR card.
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    Express Entry Applications 

    To apply for Canadian permanent residence under the Express Entry system, you must start by filling an Express Entry profile. This is an online application that includes details of your work experience, educational background, and language proficiency. Candidates from the Express Entry pool are then invited to apply for permanent residence under any of the economic programs including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Category, or Federal Skilled Trades Category.

    Express Entry Profile

    An Express Entry profile must be created in order to apply for permanent residence in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Category, or Federal Skilled Trades Category.To apply for permanent residence in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program or Federal Skilled Trades Program, you must complete your Express Entry profile.
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    Skilled Worker applications

    If you’re looking to immigrate to Canada under the Skilled Worker Category, you first need to determine if you possess the minimum qualifications such as the language proficiency and work experience needed to apply for this immigration program.
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    Provincial Nomination applications

    Depending on the Canadian province you wish to immigrate to, you may apply for Express Entry under any of the Provincial Nomination programs, which allows a province to nominate a few immigrants every year.
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    Canadian Experience Class applications

    This is a popular program under the Express Entry system that allows foreigners with Canadian work experience to get invited to apply for permanent residency. There are specific criteria to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class.
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    Labour Market Impact Assessments

    Canadian employers are required to conduct the Labour Impact Assessment in order for them to post their job offer on the government’s job board and attract foreign skills.
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    Temporary Residence Applications

    There are different types of temporary resident visas that you can apply for in order to enter or stay in Canada for a limited period of time. From study permits to visitor visas and work permits, temporary resident applications need to be handled with care to enhance your chances of approval.
    An experienced immigration lawyer can help you understand all your options and apply for the temporary visa that you qualify for in order to increase chances of approval. Read More

    Citizenship Applications 

    If you have fulfilled the residency requirements, you can submit your application for citizenship. Citizenship applications must be properly prepared to enhance the applicant’s chances of getting a positive outcome. At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we assist foreign nationals who have been permanent residents in Canada to apply for citizenship and get the best possible outcome.

    Citizenship Applications

    Have you physically resided in Canada for at least two years in the past 5-year period? You may be eligible for citizenship. Speak to your immigration lawyer to help you understand your options.
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    Residency Questionnaires

    It’s not uncommon for the immigration authorities to request for additional information in order to verify the validity of your application. If this happens, you need to get professional guidance from an immigration consultant immediately.
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    Citizenship Interviews

    The citizenship authorities may reach out for an interview if they have doubts as to whether you’ve met the residency requirements. During this interview, the citizenship office or citizenship judge will be paying close attention to any inconsistencies in your application.
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    Citizenship Appeals

    If the immigration authorities have rejected your citizenship application, you may appeal to the Federal court within 30 days. This gives you a second chance to apply for citizenship.
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    Citizenship Revocation Matters

    There are cases where your citizenship status may be revoked by the immigration authorities due to reasons such as criminal inadmissibility. When this happens, speak to our lawyer immediately who will advise on the next steps to take.
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    Immigration Appeals 

    At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we have helped many foreign nationals facing complex immigration appeal matters. We help our clients prepare for hearings, respond to letters issued by the immigration authorities as well as gather documents requested to prove their case. If you or a loved one is handling an immigration appeal, speak to our legal team immediately.

    Federal Court Judicial Review

    It’s not uncommon to receive a refusal letter from the immigration authorities. When this happens, you need to consider filing an appeal to the Federal Court. This is done by application for leave and a judicial review. The appeal must be filed 15 or 60 days from the time you received the decision.
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    Residency Appeals

    If you have lost your permanent residence status, you may appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division to reconsider your case. This appeal needs to be filed within 60 days. Our lawyers can help navigate this process.
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    Sponsorship Appeals

    The decision to sponsor your loved ones is often an emotional one and it’s never easy to handle a refusal. If your application has been refused, you can appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division within 30 days.
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    Misrepresentation Appeals

    When a permanent resident is found guilty of misrepresentation, their status may be revoked. However, you can submit a misrepresentation appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division 30 days after receiving the refusal letter.
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    Removal Order Appeals

    Permanent residents who have lost their status can be ordered to leave Canada immediately. Before you pack your bags and go, consider getting in touch with our legal team. We can help appeal a removal order and have the decision reviewed.
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    Inadmissibility Cases 

    Dealing with inadmissibility allegations is never easy for a foreign national. When found inadmissible to Canada due to a criminal background, medical factors or misrepresentation, you can speak to a lawyer to advise on the next steps. Inadmissibility cases are sensitive and need an experienced litigator to increase your chances of a positive outcome. We can help with any inadmissibility matter you may be currently experiencing.

    Admissibility Hearings

    There are cases where the Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board convokes a hearing to decide whether a foreign national or permanent resident is admissible to Canada.
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    Detention Review Hearings

    In situations where foreign nationals are detained and held in prison with the potential of being removed from Canada or as they await some immigration process, a lawyer can help in representing the accused in a detention review hearing. The hearings help to evaluate whether the accused can be released from detention.
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    One way to deal with criminal inadmissibility is to find out if you qualify for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can give a foreign national, who is declared inadmissible to Canada based on criminality, another chance to enter Canada.
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    Temporary Resident Permits

    Another option to enter Canada when convicted of a criminal offence that renders you inadmissible is to apply for a temporary resident permit. A TRP will ensure that you can gain access to Canada even if for a short time while your case is heard. You must show that you have a compelling reason to enter the country.
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    Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

    Perhaps you may qualify for an exemption based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. To determine if this is an option for you, speak to an experienced lawyer at the law office of Matthew Jeffery.
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    Business Immigration Program 

    The decision on who immigrates to Canada mostly lies on the Federal government. However, provinces have their own economic immigration programs that allow them to nominate foreign nationals to immigrate to their provinces based on some unique criteria.
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    Federal Self-Employed Program

    For foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Canada and become self-employed or entrepreneurs, there are immigration categories specifically for them. Speak to a lawyer to discover which options would suit your needs best.
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    Entrepreneur Immigration

    Business people who would like to immigrate to a Canadian province such as Quebec for entrepreneurial reasons can choose one of the business immigration programs available in Canada. Since there are several options to consider, consulting an immigration lawyer will ensure you take the right path.
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    Investor Immigration Programs

    These programs are often ideal for investors who want to immigrate to Canada and help build the country’s economy. Investor programs such, as the Quebec Investor Immigration Program and the Manitoba Business Investor Stream exist for this purpose. When you reach out for a free consultation, we can advise on the best approach to take based on your unique situation.
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    Quebec Investor Program

    If you would like to immigrate to Quebec as an investor, you may need to apply for a special program created by the Quebec government. These programs were developed to help hand pick economic immigrants who will add value to the province both economically and culturally.
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    Work Permit 

    Looking for the right documents to work in Canada? The Canadian federal government, provinces, and territories offer work permits and work visas based on certain eligibility criteria. One of the top considerations for immigration authorities before issuing a work permit is making sure the applicant will contribute to Canada’s economy positively.
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    Labour Market Impact Assessment

    The Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows Canadian employers to fill a temporary skill or a labour shortage without the requirement of the Labour Market Impact Assessment. This is often ideal for smaller organizations that need to fill a temporary position.
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    Intra-Company Transferee

    The Canadian International Mobility Program (IMP) allows employers to fill in vacant positions within their organization by hiring foreign nationals without the requirement of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
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    NAFTA Work Permit

    Ever since The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) agreement was established, foreign nationals from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico can enjoy certain labour provisions that are not accessible to other foreigners. This agreement facilitated smooth labour movement across these 3 countries.
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    Significant Benefit Work Permit

    This is a special permit only given to foreign nationals who will contribute to society and provide opportunities for citizens and permanent residents. This includes investors, entrepreneurs, and highly skilled workers.
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    Study Permits

    If you have been accepted into a school in Canada, the next step is to apply for a study permit. You cannot study in Canada without a study permit even if you’ve been enrolled in a Canadian school.

    A study permit is like a temporary visa. This is because it’s only valid for the duration of your study. If you have been enrolled in a 2-year program, you’re likely to get a study permit that’s valid for only 2 years.

    There are several things you’ll need to qualify for a study permit. For a start, you must show that you’ve been registered in a Canadian school program. Secondly, you need to show that you have adequate funds to pay for your tuition and support yourself while in Canada

    The immigration authority will then assess the application to determine if you are likely to return to your home country once you complete your studies.

    At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we’ve worked with many foreign students who’ve been admitted to a Canadian school and need help securing a study permit.
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    Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visas 

    A temporary visitor visa is likely to be a requirement if you plan to travel to Canada for a short stay. Whether you’re visiting Canada for business or pleasure, you need to find out if your country is exempt from this requirement. You may also qualify for a single or multiple-entry visa, which will allow you to enter and remain in Canada for a longer period, say 6 months at a time.

    To determine your eligibility for a temporary resident visa, the immigration authorities will consider if you have a compelling reason to visit Canada and the funds you have in your account to support yourself during your stay. The immigration officer will also consider if you are likely to return to your home country after your visit ends.

    Proper preparation is key to a successful temporary visa application. The immigration officer may choose to approve or deny the application based on the information provided. Seek legal help to guarantee a positive outcome. Read More

    Business Visitor Visa

    Are you visiting Canada for business? You may need to apply for a business visitor visa. This will depend on your country of origin as well as your reasons for visiting Canada.
    Read More

    Super Visas

    If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, your foreign parent or grandparents may qualify for a long-term visa which allows them to travel to Canada for an extended period of time.
    Read More

    Refugee Protection Claims 

    Canada accepts foreign nationals as refugees and asylum seekers each year. To be eligible for these, you may file a refugee claim. These claims are complex and you need a skilled immigration lawyer by your side to avoid common mistakes that would lead to a refusal. Whether you need help in filling out the refugee claim forms accurately or in preparing for a hearing, the team at Matthew Jeffery is always up to the task. We will listen to your situation and then guide you on the best steps to take.

    Please contact us for further information.

    Filing Refugee Claims

    Matthew Jeffery and his team can help Brampton clients throughout the process of filing a refugee claim. We know that many things go into making sure the refugee claim is successful. From making sure the forms are completed accurately to preparing the applicant for hearing, our lawyers can be of invaluable help. You can rely on our expertise to increase your chances of a successful claim. Read More

    Refugee Immigration Appeals

    When a refugee claim is submitted, the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) determines the matter if the foreign national submitted the claim while in Canada. If a claim is rejected by the RPD, an appeal can be made to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). After this, a decision is made to accept or deny the appeal. This is often done without a hearing.
    Read More

    Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

    If you are subject to a removal order, you may apply for the PRRA, which prevents you from being deported to your home country. Your lawyer will put up a strong case to show that you are at risk of harm if deported to your home country. However, you must be eligible for the PRRA. Speak to our immigration lawyer to help you determine eligibility. Read More

    Humanitarian Grounds

    Another option to become a permanent resident of Canada is to apply based on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds. Such applications are usually ideal for foreign nationals who are facing unusual, undeserved, or disproportionate hardship in their home country. At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we can review your application and determine if you qualify for permanent resident status based on humanitarian grounds. Read More

    Refugee Appeals

    If you are not satisfied with the decision made by the Refugee Protection Division, your lawyer can help prove that it was wrong in terms of law or fact or both. By filing an appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division, you can introduce new information or evidence that wasn’t reasonably available at the initial appeal. We can help you prepare this information for your appeal. Read More

    Federal Court Appeals

    You may submit an appeal to the Federal Court within 15 days from the date you received a refusal letter from the Refugee Appeal Division. The court will then review the decision to determine if it was fair, reasonable and according to the law. Read More

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    Immigration Appeals Lawyer Pickering

    Matthew Jeffery is pleased to be offering his services as an immigration lawyer to the city of Pickering, Ontario. Established as a township in 1811 and as a city in the year 2000, Pickering is a quiet community approximately half an hour east of Toronto with approximately 90,000 residents. Pickering is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario, making it a scenic destination for new residents to Canada. It also has plenty of employment opportunities, having the most jobs in the Durham region as well as being listed as one of the top 10 cities in Canada to grow a business by Profit magazine. With a strong immigrant population which took off after the Second World War and 35% of residents belonging to a visible minority, Pickering is an ideal place to begin your start in Canada. Of course, immigration or temporary residency isn’t as simple as packing your things and moving to a new location. There are a complex series of rules and regulations that can be difficult enough to decipher even without having to deal with the stress of adjusting to a new culture. This is where Matthew Jeffery can offer his services as an immigration lawyer. Serving as both a barrister and solicitor – meaning he is qualified to both counsel you and represent you in court, Mr. Jeffery specializes in all aspects of immigration law. This includes:
    • Citizenship applications
    • Skilled workers applications
    • Family sponsorships
    • Canadian experience class applications
    • Humanitarian cases
    • Permanent resident card renewals
    • Temporary work permits
    • Student visas &
    • Visitor visas
    Matthew Jeffery is certified by the Law society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Immigration law and is legally able to counsel and represent you on all immigration matters. With over 15 years of experience and countless success stories, Mr. Jeffery offers consultations at the discounted rate of $150 for a half-hour phone or in-person consultation. If you are unsure if you qualify to immigrate to Canada, you may also fill out our free assessment forms to determine whether or not you are eligible for permanent residence. Your immigration or permanent residence status is a life altering matter so it is worth obtaining expert advice when navigating the complexities of immigration law. Contact Matthew Jeffery today at 1-866-886-8014.

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