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Markham Immigration Lawyer

Matthew Jeffery is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada to represent clients in all types of immigration cases. He is authorized by the Canadian government to handle immigration matters including permanent residence applications such as spousal sponsorship cases, immigration appeals, citizenship applications, permanent resident card renewals and litigation services. Mr. Jeffery has, for more than 20 years, represented different clients helping them navigate the complex Canadian immigration system.

Spousal Sponsorship Cases

The IRCC is committed to reuniting families in Canada. For this reason, family sponsorship programs were established to allow permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their family members which include children, spouses, grandparents, and parents to live in Canada. You must meet the minimum requirements to become a sponsor. For instance, you should have sufficient income to cater for the sponsored persons when they arrive in Canada. Family sponsorship cases are unique and we have to look into your case and advice on the best way to present your application in order to increase your chances of approval. Get access to an immigration lawyer Markham who is committed to helping you reunite with your loved ones in Canada.
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Permanent Residence Card Renewals

Renewing your permanent resident application may seem like an easy process but have you fulfilled all the requirements? The general requirement is to be physically present in Canada for at least 2 years within the 5-year period immediately before renewing your card. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you have been residing abroad with a parent or partner who is a permanent resident/citizen, then this period may be considered as part of your residence. We’ll help you to understand all your options to get the permanent residence status renewed.
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Express Entry Applications

The Express Entry system is designed to allow the IRCC to process applications for skilled workers in a simple and effective manner. If you need to apply for permanent residence under any of the skilled workers’ programs, we can help you understand your options and focus on an immigration program that you qualify for to enroll in the program by showing that you meet all the minimum requirements.
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Temporary Residence Applications

A temporary resident visa may be necessary if you need to enter or remain in Canada for a specific time period. There are different temporary visas that you may wish to apply depending on your situation. They include study permits, work permits and visitor visas. You have to demonstrate to the immigration authorities that your entry to Canada is justified in order to be given a temporary resident visa. We can help you increase your chances of getting this temporary document and be allowed in the Country.
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Citizenship Applications

If you are a permanent resident in Canada, you may be granted citizenship after fulfilling the residency requirement. An experienced lawyer will help you to understand your options by looking into your case so that you can present the best citizenship application. Mr. Jeffery and his team will walk you through the process to ensure the best chances of approval.
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Immigration Appeals

Appealing a decision given by the IRCC or any other immigration authority is a complex process. It requires skill and proper understanding of the Canadian immigration system to succeed. You need sound legal counsel to present your case to the Immigration Appeal Division. Immigration appeals have to be submitted within a specific period of time after receiving the decision from the immigration authorities. It’s therefore important to speak to an immigration lawyer Markham as soon as possible. Mr. Jeffery and his team have extensive experience in all types of immigration appeal matters including citizenship revocations, inadmissibility cases and Federal Court Judicial reviews.
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Inadmissibility Cases

If you or a loved one has been declared inadmissible to Canada due to reasons such as medical issues, criminality or misrepresentation, the law office of Matthew Jeffery can help. Many of our clients have been prohibited from entering Canada or remaining in Canada due to criminal convictions or misrepresentation issues. We can help you to understand all the possible options to overcome inadmissibility such as rehabilitation in criminal conviction cases. We can advise you on how to deal with each situation depending on the unique aspects of your case.
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Immigration Appeals Lawyer Markham

Located in the York Region of Southern Ontario, Markham is well-situated to allow its many immigrants swift and easy access to the office of highly successful Canadian Immigration Lawyer, Matthew Jeffery.

Markham boasts a unique blend of many small communities each with their own unique characteristics, including Thornhill and Unionville, both commonly recognized as their own, insular communities.

Predominantly English-speaking, the population of Markham is nonetheless made up of over 72% visible minorities, with over 57% of them non-native English speakers. Languages common to Markham include several Chinese dialects such as Cantonese and Mandarin, along with other international languages like Tamil, Hindi, Persian, Punjabi, Nepali, Urdu, Tagalog, and Italian. At minimum, the last census shows that up to 15% of the population are not Canadian citizens. With a population of over 301 000, Markham is growing in size at a rate of almost three times that of the rest of Canada.

Self-titled the “high-tech capital” of the country, Markham is home to over 900 life sciences or technology companies with IBM as the largest employer in the region. Additional multinational companies who locate their head offices in Markham include Honda Canada, American Express, Avaya, Toshiba, Hyundia, Honeywell, Advanced Micro Devices, Toyota Financial Services, Johnson & Johnson, Oracle, Apple Inc, and Motorola.

In you live in the Markham area and need expert immigration law services, you are in luck! Whether you are inquiring about Provincial Programs, citizenship, the Canadian Experience Class or need other immigration services, expert immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery can answer all your questions. For more information, come visit us in office or contact us by phone at 866-886-8014.

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