How to Get Married in Canada?

How to Get Married in Canada?

Those Canadians who wish to sponsor their foreign fiancé for permanent residence in Canada will need to get married if they wish to apply through the spousal sponsorship category. In this regard, Canada does not have a fiancé visa category, nor is the conjugal partner category intended as a type of fiancé visa.

For those whose foreign fiancé is resident in Canada, it is actually quite easy to get married. The simplest course of action is to have a civil marriage at the local city hall in whichever municipality you are resident.

The provincial governments regulate marriage in Canada so there will be some variation from place to place and you will need to check with the municipal government where you live to learn the specific rules that apply in that jurisdiction.

In Toronto, for example, you can go to the City of Toronto’s website to learn the requirements to get married there. In order to marry in Toronto you first need to obtain a marriage license. In order to get the license, you need: (1) to be at least 16 years of age; (2) show a final decree of divorce if you have previously been married, and (3) provide two pieces of identification. You also need to fill out a form and pay a small fee. You do not need to be a resident of Canada in order to get married in Canada.

Once you have your marriage license, you need to get married within 90 days or it will expire. If you wish to have a civil (non-religious) marriage, you can then make an appointment with the City of Toronto for the use of a wedding chamber where the marriage ceremony will take place, and arrange for a wedding officiant to oversee the marriage. At least two witnesses need to be present at the marriage ceremony, apart from the couple being married.

At the time of the marriage you will be issued a Record of Solemnization to show that the marriage took place. After the marriage, you can use the Record of Solemnization to apply for a Marriage Certificate. Information about how to apply for a Marriage Certificate can be found on the Government of Ontario’s website. The Marriage Certificate will be needed for use in the spousal sponsorship application to prove that you are married.

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