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    Matthew Jeffery Canada Immigration Lawyer

    Looking for an immigration lawyer Barrie that will provide you with ongoing support and advice on immigration matters? Matthew Jeffery is a licensed attorney with more than 20 years of experience specializing in immigration matters. Whether you need help applying for permanent residence, citizenship or work permits, Mr. Jeffery is ready to review your case and let you explore your options. He has a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and is authorized by the Canadian government to appear before the Canadian courts for immigration appeals and other litigation matters.

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    Every year, more than 300,000 newcomers are accepted in Canada as permanent residents. Thousands more come in as students, workers, and visitors. To facilitate this immigration, the government has developed a robust system that promotes a multi-cultural society that’s diverse and rich in history.  

    If you wish to immigrate to Canada, there are many different categories of immigration programs that you can apply for. From Express Entry to Sponsorship programs, Skilled Worker Programs and Provincial Nomination Immigration Programs, there are numerous categories available for you. Get professional help to determine which immigration category is ideal for you.

    You can begin by browsing through our website for extensive information regarding different immigration programs. We offer a free assessment form that you can fill out to help us understand your circumstances better and recommend the immigration program that’s right for you.

    Should you need one-on-one consultation at our law office in Barrie, we’re happy to help. Our immigration lawyers are ready to assist you in filling out your application and secure all the supporting documents needed.

    At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we come with years of experience in immigration law. We’ve helped clients from all over the world fulfill their dream of living, working and/or studying in Canada. We can help you pursue all available options depending on your unique circumstances.

    Law Office of Matthew Jeffery

    The law office of Matthew Jeffery has helped thousands of people with their immigration matters. We specialize in immigration, citizenship and refugee matters. Our long history with all immigration stakeholders and impressive success rates guarantee our clients top quality service. We are one of the few law firms in Barrie that focuses exclusively on citizenship, immigration and refugee law.  

    We have an expertise in complex immigration cases including appeals to the Refugee Appeal Division and inadmissibility cases for foreigners applying for permanent residence in Canada. 

    We can come in at every level of the immigration process – from the application process to representing clients in the Supreme Court of Canada. Our founder and principal lawyer, Mathew Jeffery is a certified specialist in citizenship and immigration law and refugee protection. He is not only a teacher of immigration law to members of the public but also frequently appears on different TV and radio programs.

    When you hire the law office of Matthew Jeffery, be guaranteed that you’ll have access to many specialities including licensed immigration consultants and paralegals that are highly trained and most experienced in Barrie. We only accept a certain number of cases to ensure we’re capable of delivering the highest service standards.

    When you partner with our team, you’re guaranteed confidentiality, on-going consultation as well as active involvement in the direction and representation of your immigration case. We are happy to discuss your circumstances with you and advise on the best next steps you should take to ensure a successful outcome

    Immigration Services

    Family Sponsorship 

    As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can sponsor your spouse, common law partner, dependent child, parent or grandparent to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. There are specific minimum requirements that must be met by both the sponsor and the sponsored person in order to qualify for the family class sponsorship program. All applicants will be required to undergo thorough medical, criminal and background screening as part of application processing.

    Spousal Sponsorship

    Citizens or permanent residents of Canada can sponsor a spouse to apply for permanent residence. The spouse must be legally married to the sponsor. The marriage must be recognized both in the country in which it took place as well as under Canadian law.
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    Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

    With common law partnerships, the law requires that the sponsored person and their partner to have lived together for at least 12 consecutive months in a marriage-like relationship. Short periods of separation due to work or family reasons are often excused. However, if you have been away from your partner for longer periods then there’s a high likelihood you will not be considered a common-law partner.
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    Parental Sponsorship

    A Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18 can sponsor a parent to apply for permanent residency. To qualify, the sponsor must show that he/she is able to financially support the parent and will be responsible for the sponsored parent when they enter the Canadian soil.
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    Child Sponsorship

    A Canadian citizen or permanent resident may also sponsor their foreign-born child to immigrate to Canada. Once the child is issued with permanent resident status, he/she can live in Canada, access free social services, and education and later qualify for Canadian citizenship.
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    Super Visas

    A super visa allows eligible parents and grandparents of a permanent resident or citizen of Canada to visit their family in Canada for up to 2 years without having to renew their status. The CIC may issue a multiple-entry visa that’s valid for up to 10 years. This facilitates back and forth travel for the parents or grandparents between Canada and their home country.
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    Permanent Resident Card Renewals

    Did you know that you could extend your permanent resident card for another 5 years? If your PR card is approaching expiry, prepare to file a new application to have it renewed. The immigration authorities will check to determine if you’ve met the residency requirement before you’re issued with a new PR card. 

    Regular P.R. Card Renewals

    Did you know that you could extend your permanent resident card for another 5 years? If your PR card is approaching expiry, prepare to file a new application to have it renewed. The immigration authorities will check to determine if you’ve met the residency requirement before you’re issued with a new PR card.
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    Residency Appeals

    Our law office has often advised clients to appeal a rejected PR card renewal application if they have supporting evidence to show why they did not meet the residency requirement.
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    P.R. Card Renewals On Exceptional or H&C Grounds

    Applicants who have not met the residency requirements to qualify for the regular PR card renewal may submit a new application based on exceptional or humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Such PR card renewals are complex and need a qualified immigration lawyer to help navigate the case.
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    Travel Document Applications

    If your PR card expired while outside of Canada, you may need to apply for a travel document that will allow you to enter Canada and submit a renewal application from within the country.
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    Express Entry Applications 

    The Express Entry system was developed to help the IRCC to fast-track hardworking and skilled immigrants who are contributing to Canada’s workforce. There are a number of programs under the Express Entry system that you can qualify for. The first step is enrolling in the program by showing you fulfill all the minimum requirements, then waiting for an invitation to apply. Foreign nationals can fill their profile on Job Bank and allow Canadian employers to review it and offer them a job position.

    When one receives a job offer, their rank in the pool increases and they are more likely to be invited to apply for a permanent residence. Working with an immigration lawyer Barrie like Matthew Jeffery helps you to understand all your options while offering you the ongoing support needed to succeed in this process.

    Express Entry profile

    This is an application that allows foreign nationals to be considered in any of the economic programs offered by the federal and provincial governments. These programs include the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Category, or Federal Skilled Trades Category. We will help you to navigate through complex questions and requirements.
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    Skilled Worker applications

    If you possess substantial experience in skilled work, you may be invited to apply for permanent residence under the Skilled Worker category. For many years, this category of immigration has been the core source of economic immigrants in Canada. To qualify, you must speak good English or French and possess extensive skills.
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    Provincial Nomination applications

    You may also qualify for any of the provincial nomination programs offered by the Canadian provinces and territories. This will depend on the scores for other candidates in the pool. Only the high-ranking candidates are likely to receive an invitation to apply for provincial nomination programs.
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    Canadian Experience Class applications

    If you have worked in Canada for at least one year, you may get a good score under the skilled work experience in Canada and even qualify for application as a permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class.
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    Labour Market Impact Assessments

    Have you received a job offer in Canada that has been government-approved? Canadian employers are required to undergo the Labour Market Impact Assessment process in order to hire foreign workers.
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    Temporary Residence Applications

    You may require a temporary resident visa in order to stay or enter Canada for a specific period of time. Types of temporary visas include visitor visas, study permits, and work permits. These visas will be issued for periods of validity from several months to several years, depending on the nature of the temporary residence.
    There are specific requirements for each type of temporary resident visa and the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery can assist with visa applications to ensure the best chances of approval.
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    Citizenship Applications 

    Canadian permanent residents are able to apply for citizenship if they meet the residency requirements. The permanent resident must have been physically present in Canada for at least three years in the five-year period before they apply. In addition, the applicant must have filed income tax returns for at least three years in the relevant period, and has to show sufficient English or French language skills, as well as pass a knowledge of Canada test.

    Working with an immigration lawyer provides you with all the information you need to ensure the application runs smoothly and will increase your chances of approval.

    Citizenship Applications

    If you have fulfilled your residency requirement, you can apply for citizenship. Get the help of a lawyer if you haven’t fulfilled this requirement since you could qualify for certain exemptions depending on your situation.
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    Residency Questionnaires

    Whenever a citizenship office has doubts regarding your application, he/she will request for additional information. Further assessments will be done to determine if you qualify for Canadian citizenship.
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    Citizenship Interviews

    Either the citizenship officer or the citizenship judge usually conducts these interviews. The interview helps to clear any doubts regarding the applicant’s qualifications for citizenship.
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    Citizenship Appeals

    When a citizenship application is rejected, the applicant may file an appeal within 30 days from the date the decision was received.
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    Citizenship Revocation Matters

    Citizenship revocation matters are serious cases that must be handled by an experienced immigration team. If you need sound legal advice and representation, our law office is happy to help.
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    Immigration Appeals 

    For many years, we have helped foreigners from different parts of the world to appeal immigration decisions that were wrong in fact and/or in law. We have an impressive success rate when it comes to handling immigration appeals. Our lawyers have experience in all kinds of immigration appeals. From sponsorship appeals to misrepresentation appeal cases, we can handle any kind of rejection you’ve received from the immigration authorities.

    Federal Court Judicial Review

    This is an option to consider when the authorities reject your immigration application. The judicial review can only be filed within 15 or 60 days depending on the date of the refusal.
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    Residency Appeals

    Has your application for permanent residence been rejected? Are you struggling to find the right travel documents to enter or remain in Canada? We can help you file a residency appeal immediately and prevent the immigration authorities from executing a removal order.
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    Sponsorship Appeals

    The decision to sponsor your spouse, child or parent for permanent residence is often an emotional one. When the application is rejected, families are often left frustrated. With the help of our immigration lawyers, you can appeal a sponsorship application that has been denied and get a good outcome.
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    Misrepresentation Appeals

    If you are a Canadian permanent resident, there is a risk of losing your status and being removed from Canada if found guilty of misrepresentation. Speak to our lawyers who will help you file an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division within 30 days.
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    Removal Order Appeals

    When a permanent resident loses their status, the next thing the immigration authorities will try and do is to force the accused to leave Canada. You may appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division within 30 days after receiving a removal order.
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    Inadmissibility Cases

    If you have been declared inadmissible to Canada due to reasons such as misrepresentation or a criminal conviction, it’s important to seek legal help immediately. Inadmissibility matters require in-depth knowledge of Canada’s immigration system in order to ensure a positive outcome. You can be refused entry to Canada due to criminality, medical issues or misrepresentation among other reasons. 

    Our immigration lawyer is ready to review your case, advise on ways to overcome inadmissibility and even challenge the decision in court. We are ready to help you demonstrate that your entry to Canada is justified.

    Admissibility Hearings

    A foreign national or permanent resident of Canada who has been declared inadmissible can be required to appear for a hearing done by the Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board.
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    Detention Review Hearings

    The immigration authorities may also detain foreign nationals pending their potential removal from Canada, or pending some other immigration process. When this happens, the individual has a right to a detention review hearing. During this hearing, the accused will be represented by our immigration lawyer where the Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board decide if he/she should be released from detention.
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    Rehabilitation is often an option for foreigners who have been declared criminally inadmissible to Canada. However, not everyone who has a criminal background qualifies for rehabilitation. Speak to our immigration lawyer regarding your situation for advice on whether you qualify.
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    Temporary Resident Permits

    Should you not qualify for rehabilitation, the other option could be to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). The TRP will only be approved if the immigration authorities believe that you have a compelling reason why you need to enter Canada for a short time.
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    Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

    Criminal inadmissibility may also be addressed by submitting an application based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. In this case, you may qualify for permanent residence even though you were once declared inadmissible to Canada.
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    Business Immigration Program

    The Federal government mainly makes the decision on who immigrates to Canada. However, there are provincial nomination programs, which give Canada’s provinces and territories the ability to choose their own economic immigrants. They choose these foreign nationals based on their own unique criteria. 
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    Federal Self-Employed Program

    This program allows entrepreneurs and self-employed persons to immigrate to Canada and conduct different business activities in the country. Through the Self-Employed Program economic immigrants who are able to add value to Canada’s provinces economically and culturally get to immigrate to Canada.
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    Entrepreneur Immigration

    Foreign entrepreneurs can immigrate to Canada and grow their businesses by tapping into the Canadian market. For this to happen, the entrepreneur must disclose the business activities they intend to undertake while in Canada. To get help in choosing which entrepreneur program is ideal for you, speak to our immigration lawyer today.
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    Investor Immigration Programs

    In mid-2014, the government made the decision to close down the Federal Immigrant Investor Program or IIP. However, there are still some provincial programs, which help to bring in investors in Canada’s soil. These are the Manitoba Business Investor Stream (previously known as Manitoba Provincial Nominee Business Program) and the Quebec Investor Immigration Program.
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    Quebec Investor Program

    Being one of the most popular Canadian provinces, Quebec is home to foreign nationals who contribute towards creating cultural diversity in the province. Our lawyers can advise on whether you fulfill the minimum qualifications for the Quebec Investor Program.
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    Work Permit 

    Depending on the immigration program you apply for, you will need a work permit or work visa in order to begin working in Canada as an immigrant. Our lawyers can help with the applications for a work permit including preparing and filling out forms. We understand what it takes to qualify for a work permit in Canada and would be happy to guide you.
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    Labour Market Impact Assessment

    Through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), Canadian employers can hire foreign temporary workers who meet certain requirements. This would enable Canadian employers to fill temporary skill and labour shortages.
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    Intra-Company Transferee

    It’s not all cases where a Canadian employer will need to go through the Labour Impact Assessment Process in order to hire a foreign national. If the employer chooses The Canadian International Mobility Program (IMP), it gives an opportunity to fill vacant positions without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
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    NAFTA Work Permit

    Ever since the U.S., Canada, and Mexico signed The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), foreign nationals from these 3 countries now enjoy flexible labour movement across the region.
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    Significant Benefit Work Permit

    This permit is only given to individuals after demonstrating to the immigration officers that they will indeed contribute to society and provide opportunities for citizens and permanent residents.
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    Study Permits

    Once enrolled in a Canadian program, a foreign student would need to apply for a study permit. This permit allows you to pursue your studies in Canada for as long as it’s due. 

    A study permit is more like a temporary visa. It is only valid for a specific number of years depending on the duration of your study. Most of the time, the study permit is valid for 2-4 years.

    To qualify for a Study Permit the immigration authorities will assess your application and determine if you have a valid admission letter from a Canadian school program, as well as the financial capability to support yourself in Canada as well as pay your tuition fees.

    They will also determine if you are likely to return to your home country after completing your study. We help foreign students secure a study permit and realize their life long dream of immigrating to Canada. Read More

    Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visas

    To enter Canada for a short stay, you may need to apply for a temporary resident visa. This visa application may not be necessary depending on your country of origin. There are some countries that are exempt from this. 

    Visitor visas may come in two forms: single entry visas and multiple entry visas. To be approved for any kind of visa, the immigration authorities will assess different factors such as the purpose of your visit and whether you are likely to go back to your country after the visit. They will also review the financial resources you have to support yourself for the duration of your stay.

    If you have a good reason for traveling to Canada for a short period, your application will be approved. The immigration authorities will consider whether your visa application meets the relevant criteria and decide based on the information you’ve presented in your application.

    Read More

    Business Visitor Visa

    You may also visit Canada on business but to do so, you can apply for a business visitor visa. This allows you to travel to Canada and conduct several business activities.
    Read More

    Super Visas

    A super visa is a type of long-term visitor visa for foreign parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
    Read More

    Refugee Protection Claims 

    For many years, Canada has been supporting foreign nationals who are fleeing away from their home countries due to war, fear of persecution or discrimination on the basis of their religion, race or political affiliation among other factors. Many of these foreign nationals immigrate to Canada and seek refugee and asylum-seeker protection.

    At the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, we have helped clients successfully file their refugee claims. We know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to apply for refugee and asylum seeker protection but we simplify the process for you by assisting in filling in the application forms as well as educating you on the options available.

    Please contact us for further information.

    Filing Refugee Claims

    Matthew Jeffery and his team can help Brampton clients throughout the process of filing a refugee claim. We know that many things go into making sure the refugee claim is successful. From making sure the forms are completed accurately to preparing the applicant for hearing, our lawyers can be of invaluable help. You can rely on our expertise to increase your chances of a successful claim. Read More

    Refugee Immigration Appeals

    When you submit your refugee claim to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), they will make a decision to either approve or grant the applicant refugee status. If the RPD rejects your claim, an option you may consider is to file an appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) where a decision will be made whether to allow or deny the appeal. This is a paper appeal and most cases are decided without a hearing.
    Read More

    Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

    Have you received a removal order? You may want to consider applying for the
    PRRA. This is an application that if approved, will allow you to remain in the country until your case is heard. The application is made on the basis that the applicant may be at risk of harm if they’re deported to their home country. However, not everyone qualifies for this assessment since there are some restrictions on eligibility for PRRA. For instance, if your refugee claim was rejected within a one-year period, you usually won’t be eligible for PRRA.
    Read More

    Humanitarian Grounds

    You may not qualify for permanent residence under any of the regular immigration categories. One option that our immigration lawyer may ask you to consider is to apply for the permanent residence status based on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds. This is a solution to foreign nationals who are likely to face unusual, undeserved, or disproportionate hardship if they returned to their home country. By seeking H&C consideration, you get another chance to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Read More

    Refugee Appeals

    A claimant can prove to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) that the decision made by the Refugee Protection Division was wrong in terms of law or fact or both by introducing new evidence. With the help of our experienced lawyers, you can understand how refugee appeals work and get proper legal representation to increase your chances of a successful outcome.Read More

    Federal Court Appeals

    The Refugee Appeal Division may reject your refugee claim. If this happens, you still have the option of submitting an appeal to the Federal Court. The court will perform some assessments and determine if there was a reviewable error. The decision may be overturned and sent to the tribunal for a redetermination. Read More

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    Barrie is a city of over 135,000 people. This vibrant community located in Simcoe County has grown significantly in recent years, and become one of the leading home areas for those that work in nearby Toronto. Because of its historic waterfront and downtown areas, Barrie is a popular tourist city. Visitors come from across North America to visit the fashion boutiques, theatres, and high-class restaurants found throughout Barrie city centre. The community’s growth is also a result of recent immigration to Barrie and this is an area in which Matthew Jeffery and his staff are leading experts.

    Matthew Jeffery has been a trusted advocate for Barrie clients for many years. He’s worked with local residents and their families to help them settle in Barrie and to overcome immigration barriers. In addition to his work with families, Matthew Jeffery is known for his comprehensive understanding of the changing immigration laws. He and his team work tirelessly to help clients use legal means to immigrate to Canada. Whether the local Barrie client is seeking a way of sponsoring their family to enter Canada or trying to become a permanent resident, Matthew Jeffery has the experience and the legal acumen to ensure success in the immigration process.

    Free Assessment for Barrie Families

    Matthew Jeffery has worked with thousands of families across Barrie to help them move forward within their individual immigration cases. He knows the challenges of many families, as well as the solutions available under immigration law in Canada. To help begin this process, he and his team offer free assessments. This assessment process allows the team to learn more about the client’s immigration case and can help provide a foundation for a successful application. Because Matthew Jeffery employs a hardworking team of legal experts, he’s able to respond to assessment requests in as little as one day. This helps ensure a swift resolution to challenging immigration issues.

    Appeal and Litigation Work

    Matthew Jeffery is also known for his expertise in immigration appeals and litigation. His team recognizes the need for a comprehensive understanding on individual immigration cases, and he uses his experience in the field to represent clients in their appeals. Whether they are appealing against inadmissibility to the country or a failed citizenship application, Matthew Jeffery can work on behalf of Barrie clients to help them find clear solutions to the obstacles they face within the immigration process.

    Expert Communication-based Service

    Matthew Jeffery’s service is founded upon clear communication with his clients. He can help clients analyze their documentation and find a strategy that will ensure success in their immigration objectives. He’s available around-the-clock to answer important questions based on years of industry experience.

    As the trusted specialist for immigration law in Barrie, Matthew Jeffery is now ready to help clients throughout the region move settle successfully in Canada. Whether you’re a student and require a visa to attend school in Canada, or an individual looking to settle in Canada with your family, Matthew Jeffery can help move the process forward.

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