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The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery is proud of the quality of service that we provide to our clients. Each case is important to us and we welcome the feedback of clients or of anyone who has had contact with our office and wishes to share their experience or express their views.

Below is a selection of testimonials from our clients around the world, who have kindly provided our office with permission to post their reviews. The reviews are organized by subject matter so that those interested in our office’s work on certain types of immigration matters may easily find a testimonial relevant to their own case.

Spousal Sponsorship

Shamil & Nino

We are happy to have helped Shamil bring Nino into Canada in a professional and smooth immigration process. At the law office or Matthew Jeffery, we strive to help couples like Shamil and Nino fulfill their dream of building their new life together in Canada.

Spousal Sponsorship


We helped Elham process her husband’s spousal sponsorship application. With so many nuances and varying documents required depending on the country, the application process can get overwhelming. We provided Elham with clear guidance every step of the way and gathering all the necessary documents to ensure success.

Mandamus Appeal


We helped Dominic Daniel resolve his Spousal Application which had been pending since September 2015. Dominic Daniel, a Nigerian-Canadian residing in Hamilton, Ontario had sought help from four Members of Parliament with the hope that they would influence the CIC to speed up the process, but this did not help. Daniel had also been duped by fraudulent attorneys.

Parental Sponsorship Appeal


We were pleased to help Claudia appeal her case when Immigration failed to accept her father into Canada. Our team guided Claudia throughout the process, including helping her prepare the relevant paperwork, filing the appeal, and helping her prepare for the appointment. Mr. Jeffery accompanies Claudia to the appeal in person. Claudia’s father was able to get Canadian residence status within one and a half years.

Humanitarian & Compassionate Application


Ariel’s case was extremely difficult and complex but we managed to give them the best outcome. At the law office of Matthew Jeffery, we handle each case with the attention it deserves. We meet clients like Ariel who do not understand the complex Canadian immigration system. It’s our job to highlight issues and explain aspects of their case that they were not aware of.

Live-In Caregiver Application


Gloria wanted to apply for permanent residence under the live-in caregiver program. However, there were inconsistencies in her application that caused it to be rejected.  We helped Gloria through this entire process which usually takes about 12 months but we understood the importance of the issue and was able to get it processed within 10 months. 

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