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Matthew Jeffery Canada Immigration Lawyer

For more than 20 years, Matthew Jeffery has been getting the best results for clients in all kinds of immigration cases.

As a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer Scarborough, Matthew Jeffery provides a clear and informed legal guidance on immigration matters.

Matthew and his team focus on all types of immigration cases including providing assistance with family sponsorship applications, PR card renewals and appearing in the Canadian courts for immigration appeals among other cases.

With Matthew Jeffery as your immigration lawyer in Scarborough, rest assured that all options will be explored and every immigration matter will be meticulously handled to give you the best possible outcome.

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Immigration Appeals Lawyer Scarborough

Matthew Jeffery is pleased to be offering his services as an immigration lawyer to Scarborough, Ontario. With over 625,000 residents, this former municipality now makes up roughly one fifth of the population of the city of present day Toronto, which was created from the amalgamation with Toronto, Scarborough and four other municipalities in 1998.

Scarborough, Ontario is named after Scarborough, England. It got its name from Elizabeth Simcoe, the wife of the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, who observed the beautiful white cliffs known as the “Scarborough bluffs” and thought they resembled the cliffs near her home in England.

Scarborough is a multicultural hotbed in what is known as one of the most diverse cities in the world. It’s affordable housing prices and accepting culture make it one of the most popular destinations for new immigrants to Canada, with nearly 60% of its residents being foreign born and nearly 70% belonging to a visible minority.

However, immigration isn’t as simple as packing up your things and moving to another country. There is a complex series of laws and regulations you must follow. It can be enough of a challenge moving to a new country, taking in a new culture, and establishing a new job without trying to decipher the legal jargon of immigration law.

This is where Matthew Jeffery can help. Serving as both a barrister and solicitor (meaning he can give you legal advice/counsel as well as represent you in court), Mr. Jeffery specializes in all facets of immigration law including applications for permanent residence such as skilled workers applications, family sponsorships, Canadian experience class applications, as well as humanitarian cases. Matthew Jeffery will also handle your applications for temporary residence in Canada for work permits, student visas, and visitor visas. He can also help you to renew your permanent residence card or apply for citizenship.

Matthew Jeffery is a highly experienced lawyer who is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Immigration Law and authorized by the government of Canada to both counsel and represent clients on all immigration legal matters.

With over fifteen years’ experience and countless success stories, Matthew Jeffery will help you to navigate the immigration system to get the results you need. To discuss immigration matters, call us at 1-866-886-8014 to arrange a consultation at the cost of $150 per half hour. Alternatively, if you’re looking to immigrate to Canada and are unsure if you will qualify, visit our website and fill out our free assessment form under the family sponsorship, skilled worker, or business class category and we will assess whether or not you are eligible to receive permanent residence.

With something as important as immigration matters, don’t trust your own judgement and ability to decipher legal jargon. Contact Matthew Jeffery today for his expert legal services.

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