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Canadian immigration law covers a wide range of areas including visiting, studying or working in Canada, applying for Canadian permanent residence or citizenship, or appealing a negative immigration decision. You need to find a professional immigration lawyer in Mississauga who is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada and understands the country’s complicated immigration system. Some of the services you can expect from an immigration lawyer include:

Family Sponsorships

We provide the full range of services to assist Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their foreign family members to live in Canada. Our firm's many years of experience with spousal and common-law partner sponsorships provides unparalleled expertise and guidance through Canada's complex sponsorship process.

Our Services:

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor their foreign national husband or wife for permanent residence in Canada. Read More
Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor a foreign national partner if they been living together continuously for at least one year. Read More
Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their foreign parents for permanent residence if they have sufficient income to do so. Read More
A Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor their foreign national child for permanent residence in Canada. Read More
Foreign parents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can apply for a super visa which allows for extended visits of up to two years at a time. Read More

Permanent Resident Card Renewals

Extending a permanent resident card for a further five years can be a complex undertaking. Our office has years of experience with highly complicated P.R. card renewal cases, bringing our clients a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Our Services:

Those permanent residents who have met the residency requirement of being in Canada for at least 2 in the past 5 years can renew their permanent resident card on this basis. Read More
A permanent resident who has not met the residency requirement can renew their PR card on humanitarian grounds if some exceptional circumstance has prevented them from residing in Canada. A renewal may also be made if the permanent resident has been working for a Canadian company abroad or has been accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse abroad. Read More
Permanent residents who are outside of Canada and whose PR card has expired can apply for a travel document in order to return to Canada. Read More
If a PR card renewal application or a travel document application has been refused by the immigration authorities, a permanent resident will lose their status unless they appeal within 60 days. Read More
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When you visit Canada, you will be required to obtain a temporary visa. Depending on your intended activities in the country, you can access a business or tourism visa. This is the endorsement that will temporarily permit you to legally enter the country, visit family or friends or conduct business activities as a business visitor. Some foreign nationals who are citizens of specific countries may not require a temporary resident visa to enter Canada. If you are a spouse or a dependent of someone who is temporarily residing in Canada, you may also be required to get a temporary resident visa depending on which country you’re coming from. However this temporary resident visa does not allow you to work while you stay in Canada.

With the help of an immigration lawyer you can find the correct immigration documents to file if you want to travel to the country. If you are a foreign national and want to travel in and out of Canada, you will also need to get a temporary resident visa.

As a business visitor in Canada, you can enter the country and participate in international business activities without necessarily having a work permit. These activities include attending meetings, conferences, seminars and providing some contractual after-sales services. You will need to declare the purpose of your visit at the Port of Entry to be admitted as a business visitor.

If you are traveling to Canada from a visa exempt country you still need to get an electronic travel authorization (ETA) that is valid for 5 years. If your PR card expires within the next 9 months, you should apply for a new one as soon as possible to avoid any complications with your travel plans. All American citizens are exempt from the ETA program.


Studying in Canada is a great opportunity to get a world-class education and a multicultural learning experience. Studying in Canada is the first step to becoming a Canadian for many immigrants since they are eligible for a post-secondary work permit after finishing their studies. When you’re able to stay in Canada after graduation you can get Canadian work experience and this will form the base for your future applications for permanent residence in the country.


For any foreign national to work in Canada they must first obtain a work permit. It may be an open or close authorization depending on the type of permit. You will need to have pre-arranged employment from an employer in Canada who is authorized to hire you in order to apply for a work permit. If you are accompanying your spouse who is employed in Canada you can get spousal work permit. There are various other areas in immigration law for foreign nationals who want to come and work in Canada such as the International Mobility Program, International Experience Canada, Temporary Foreign Worker Program and intra-company transfers.


If you are a skilled worker you can get permanent residency in Canada through the express entry program. The Express Entry program is an Immigration Application Management System for economic immigration into Canada for candidates who are most likely to succeed in Canada. Participants are awarded points under a ranking system and those with the highest ranking scores will be invited to apply for a permanent resident visa in Canada within 90 days. If you are not eligible for the express entry program, you can use investment as a route to get your permanent residence visa in Canada. The immigration investor program was established in 1986 by the government of Canada and promotes business people with intentions of investing in Canada to immigrate into the country from around the world.


Family reunification is one of the ways in which foreign nationals can become Canadian residents. Through family sponsorship, foreign nationals are sponsored by a relative who lives in Canada and can provide assistance to the individual to establish himself or herself in the country. Individuals who can be sponsored under the family sponsorship program include spouses, common-law partners, parents and grandparents, dependent children (including those who are adopted), and orphaned relatives under the age of 18 who are not married.


You are a Canadian citizen if you were born in Canada, adopted by a Canadian citizen or if you acquire citizenship as a permanent resident. If you want to become Canadian citizen, you will be required to submit an application and take a Canadian citizenship test. When applying for citizenship in Canada, you need to have stayed in Canada for the requisite days in order to be eligible. You need to have lived in Canada for at least four of the past six years as a permanent resident before your citizenship application. Other eligibility criteria for citizenship applications include being able to speak English or French, meeting the personal income tax filing obligations and declaring your intent to reside in Canada.


An immigration lawyer in Mississauga can help you to challenge a visa officer’s negative decision in court. They can help you make an appeal through the immigration and refugee board or through the federal court. In family sponsorship cases, the sponsor can appeal to the IRB with the help of a lawyer in case the visa officer refuses a family class application. The appeal documentation should be filed at least 30 days after receiving the decision from the visa officer. Applications to the federal court depend on the reason for the negative decision and the kind of documentation submitted and this should be done either fifteen or sixty days after the date of the decision, depending on the location of the immigration office.


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