Common Questions on the Canadian Citizenship Test

Common Questions on the Canadian Citizenship Test

Before becoming a Canadian citizen, applicants need to take a citizenship test that asks a variety of questions about the country, its history, and its culture. Knowing some of the most common citizenship questions on the Canadian citizenship test could help you pass. While you may or may not need to answer the following questions, they are representative of those asked on the test.

Questions About Geography

The Canadian citizenship test questions will likely ask you about the country’s geography. One can get acquainted with the correct answers by reading maps and books, or traveling the country extensively. Some geography questions might include:

  • What three oceans border Canada?
  • How many provinces does Canada have?
  • What is Canada’s southernmost city?
  • What country lies on the other side of Canada’s western border?

Questions About the Canadian Government

Canadians must understand how their government works so they can participate in the election process. To make sure citizens understand this, the test asks questions such as:

  • What is a voted information card?
  • Who do Members of Parliament represent?
  • What type of governmental system does Canada have?
  • Who is Canada’s Prime Minister?
  • How often do citizens vote in national elections?

Questions About History and Culture

Canadians have a long history with a diverse group of cultures. People entering from other countries might find it difficult to understand the nuisances of cultural differences. Asking certain questions helps ensure that potential citizens understand some of the most fundamental facts about Canada and the people who live there.

Some of those questions might include:

  • What are the official languages of Canada?
  • What European country secured Canada as a colony?
  • What is the name of the Canadian national anthem?
  • What is Canada’s most popular sport?
  • What is the largest Canadian province by population?
  • About how many Canadians served in World War I?

Questions About Aboriginal Peoples

Aboriginal people lived and flourished in Canada before Europeans colonized the land. The Canadian citizenship test might ask several questions about these people. Knowing the answers shows a connection to Canada’s past and the people who lived here long before Europeans.

Sample questions could include:

  • What is the name of Canada’s largest aboriginal group?
  • What are the three main Aboriginal groups in Canada?
  • What national symbols have been influenced by the culture of Aboriginal peoples?
  • How did Aboriginal peoples enter the country now known as Canada?

Once an application for Canadian citizenship has been filed, the Citizenship Authorities will send the applicant a booklet called “Discover Canada”. Discover Canada includes all of the materials needed to prepare for the knowledge of Canada aspect of the citizenship test. The citizenship authorities will later send a letter scheduling the applicant to attend for the test. On the day of the test, applicants will have to appear in person and write a multiple choice examination. A mark of at least 75% correct answers is required to pass the test so it is important to study hard in advance of attendance at the citizenship test.

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