A Complete Guide To Creating Your Express Entry Profile

Guide To Express Entry Profiles

Before deciding whether or not to complete an Express Entry profile, you need to consider if you qualify for one or more of the three specific federal immigration programs — being the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Canada’s Express Entry is the means whereby Ottawa manages applications by those who qualify for permanent residence under these three programs. In order to be able to register with the Express Entry, you first need to qualify under one of the three permanent residence programs that are being managed by the system.

Canadian provinces and territories have the option of seeking out candidates listed under the Express Entry system, and invite them to apply under one of their Provincial Nominee Programs, should they desire to do so in order to accommodate regional labor market requirements. However, you will still need to meet the requirements for at least one of the three federal programs listed above to be selected through the Provincial Nominee Programs.

In order to determine if it even makes sense to apply for Express Entry, you can go to our website to verify if you qualify by filling out the Skilled Worker Free Assessment Form:

The Express Entry process is not always easy to understand, which is why it’s essential to hire a good immigration lawyer early in your application process. Read on for a further guide to creating your Express Entry profile.

STEP # 1: Gather Docs & Info

Before you head over to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada [CIC] website to begin creating your Express Entry profile, you must do a couple of things. For instance, you have to successfully complete a language test, and you need to get the National Occupational Classification code for all jobs that you have work experience in. You should also have your foreign educational diplomas assessed in order to verify their Canadian equivalent.

After this, you need to find and gather the following documents and data: passport or applicable travel document, National Occupational Classification position title and code, results of language test, educational credential assessment finding (if one was obtained), copy of written employment offer from Canada-based employer, a copy of your provincial nomination or certificate (if you received one), and your Come to Canada site personal reference code (if you have one).

STEP # 2: Produce MYCIC Account

For the second step, you need to make your MYCIC account by going to the website found here and registering for a GCKey. You’ll then go back to the main page and enter the login information to access your account.

STEP # 3: Complete Express Entry Profile

You can accomplish this by logging into your MyCIC account; entering your Come to Canada tool personal reference code if you have one; inputting all requested data; and sending in your profile online. If you meet the requirements needed for Express Entry, you will be added to the Express Entry candidate list. Should you be selected to submit a permanent residence application, CIC will inform you about the program you can apply under.

STEP # 4: Make Your Job Bank Profile

Go to the Job Bank website and create your profile by inputting the requested information.

STEP # 5: What Next?

If you qualify to apply for at least one of the three programs, CIC will enter you into the Express Entry candidate list. Upon getting an invitation to apply, you can complete a permanent residence application if you have a valid employment offer, have been selected by a province or territory, or are among the top ranked candidates on the list due to skill set and expertise.

CRS Calculator

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