Protecting Young Children in Canada Without a Status

Protecting Young Children in Canada Without a Status

Trump’s administration has received a lot of criticism for saying that it will scrap a program that protected young children in the US without a status. About 800,000 people who arrived in the US illegally as children are at risk of facing deportation if the Obama-era program is removed by the current regime. Although he has hinted that he may revisit this decision, the move is likely to affect thousands of families in the US.

Here in Canada, we are almost sailing along in the same boat. In Canada, we do not have an immigration policy or program that protects children who were brought into the country illegally. As a migrant, you need to speak to a Canadian immigration lawyer to understand the risks involved if you have a child in the country who was brought here illegally. This is because currently, the Canadian government hasn’t set up any program to protect children that don’t have immigration status.

Options For Children Without A Status

If you have lived in Canada for decades since you were a child, you may still have very limited options to avoid facing deportation. The reality is that, the Canadian government has failed to set up a program that protects children who do not have a status in this country. Children are indeed innocent victims in this situation. It is important for the government to ensure that policies and programs are put in place to protect their future.

Getting The Help Of An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers can help such victims to remain in Canada. First, the lawyer will explain to the client the options available if they were brought in Canada illegally. One of the options would be to apply for permanent residency on humanitarian grounds. In this case, the applicant will appeal to the immigration department to allow them to continue living in the country since they have already established a home in Canada. Deporting children who have spent their entire lives in Canada would be inhumane and negatively affect their lives.

There’s Still Hope

If you arrived in Canada illegally as a child, you can get the help of an immigration lawyer to stay in the country. Many illegal immigrants are afraid to regularize their status simply because there’s a high chance of their applications being denied and facing deportation. Most people who live in Canada but came here illegally as children are often reluctant to even pursue an education. This is because applying for college or university often requires them to provide proof of citizenship. They fear that, in the process, they could get caught by an immigration officer and their dreams shut down. That’s why many migrants without a status are living in fear doing menial jobs for decades in Canada.

However, when working with an immigration lawyer, you will understand what options are available based on your unique case. You can get all the legal assistance you need to apply for permanent residency in order to continue staying in Canada legally.