Entering Canada Without Approval of Rehabilitation

Canada Approval Rehabilitation

If you have a history of offenses or convictions that have led the IRCC to declare you inadmissible to Canada, you can overcome the inadmissibility by applying for rehabilitation. In order to apply for rehabilitation, 5 years must have passed since the end of your sentence. If this time has not elapsed and you need to enter Canada, you can request for special permission to enter Canada temporarily by applying for a Temporary Resident Permit.

Submitting Your Application

You will need to complete an application and attach the required documents so as to be granted permission to enter or remain in Canada. The immigration officer will review the application by looking at the nature of offences, the time they occurred and your current situation in order to make a decision.

The Immigration Officer Will Choose To Either:

-Recommend that you do not travel to Canada

-Or advice that you apply for a special permission temporary permit to enter Canada without the rehabilitation approval.

If you are at the port of entry, like the airport or the land border between Canada and the USA, your application will be reviewed by an immigration officer and the officer will advise whether you are or are not allowed to enter Canada.

Filling Out The Application

If you would like to request for special permission to enter or remain in Canada without a rehabilitation approval, you need to ensure all the forms are filled out correctly. Providing false or misleading information in your application is a serious offence. All the details that you provide will be subject to verification.
It is recommended to work with an immigration lawyer who will advise on the options to take if the 5-year time limit has not passed and you need to enter or remain in Canada despite your history of convictions or offenses. Whether you need to file an immigration appeal or simply someone to facilitate the application process, a good immigration lawyer can be of great help.

First and foremost, an immigration lawyer will help you to determine if you are eligible to apply for rehabilitation. If you are not eligible to apply, the attorney will discuss all the other options for entering Canada that apply to your unique situation. Make sure you find an attorney who is experienced in helping individuals who are facing criminal inadmissibility. This will ensure you get the most accurate and up to date information to help you overcome inadmissibility and enter or remain in Canada without the approval for criminal rehabilitation.

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