How we assist you Immigrate into Canada through the Quebec Investor Program

Quebec is a province in Canada that has jurisdiction over its own immigration program. The Quebec government has put in place several programs to attract and to retain foreigners that it feels will add value to the society and the economy. To attract investment into the economy, Quebec has instituted the Quebec investor program.

How we assist you to apply through the Quebec investor program

At the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, we assist clients to immigrate into Canada through the program. There are several ways we will help you achieve this. We will guide you on the criteria. You must have a net worth of at least $1,600,000 earned through your own efforts. You must have at least two years of business management experience and this must have been within the five years before filing the application. You must have available $800,000 for investment over a period of five years and you must sign an investment agreement with the Quebec government allowing them to invest it. We will assist you to file the application with the relevant authorities, including preparing all required supporting documentation. Quebec issues successful applicants with a selection certificate for Canada immigration. This certificate allows you to apply for Canadian permanent residence. We will assist you with the process of applying for Canadian permanent residence. Because of its high French-speaking population, Quebec provides additional points for French language proficiency. However, there is no requirement to speak French in order to qualify under the Investor program. We will guide you on this and other requirements during the application process. If you are denied entry into Quebec through the program, we may be able to assist you to file an appeal. If you get a letter of concern, we can assist you to respond to it. We will also assist you to address any inadmissibility issues that may arise. Speak with a Quebec investor program lawyer to get an assessment of your qualifications by calling 416-944-3267.