How We Can Help with a Federal Self-Employed Program Application

SELF-EMPLOYED PROGRAM APPLICATION There are several programs that allow entrepreneurs and self-employed persons to immigrate to Canada. The federal government uses the Self-Employed Program to attract individuals who are willing and are able to be self-employed. Note that individuals who intend to be self-employed in Quebec do not qualify under this program. They can instead seek immigration into Canada through the Quebec Self-Employed Program. At the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, we specialize in Canada immigration law. We have years of experience assisting clients to apply for permanent residence in Canada, including through the Self-Employed Program.

Immigration Assessment

We will explain all the legal requirements to qualify for the program, which include having the relevant experience, ability, and intentions. This service ensures that you do not hesitate when you clearly qualify and you do not waste time and money if you do not. Required abilities, experience, and other conditions include:
  • Ability to make a significant contribution to the sporting or cultural life in Canada as an athlete or artisan at an international level.
  • At least a 2-years of experience in athletics or cultural activities, 2-years experience in farm management, or 2-years experience of self-employment in athletics or cultural experience.
  • Ability to speak English and/or French
  • Ability to adapt quickly
  • Passing of prescribed medical tests
  • Passing of security risk assessments
  • Sufficient funds to begin life in Canada
We get many inquiries on how to immigrate to Canada including for those in professional occupations in the arts & culture and the skilled and technical occupations in arts, culture, sport, and recreation that qualify for the program. We will assess your professional occupation and advise you if you qualify.

Immigration Appeal

If you feel you have been unfairly rejected and your self-sponsorship to Canada was not accepted even after you fulfilled all the requirements, we can assist with an immigration appeal. We deal even with the most complicated appeal matters. We also help clients respond to letters of concern when served by immigration officials.

Residence Applications and Renewal

Once you get into Canada through the program, you may need to apply to renew your permanent residence card. We can help you with the application process as well as the renewal of permanent resident cards. Temporary and permanent applications, permanent residence card extensions, and getting Canada Visa self employed are complex undertakings that require an experienced lawyer.

Citizenship Application

If you are a permanent resident and you have fulfilled the requirements for citizenship, you can apply for Canadian citizenship. This is the final step towards getting full rights as a Canadian. Our team has years of experience dealing with even the most complex citizenship applications, including dealing with inadmissibility cases resulting from such reasons as criminality, misrepresentation, or simply failure to meet the Act’s eligibility criteria. All you need to do to get an immigration assessment is ask your questions and give your contact details. Our business immigration lawyer Canada we will get back to you for an immigration assessment.