Changes to eligibility to enter Canada and quarantine requirements

Changes eligibility to enter Canada

Permanent Resident Visa holders can now travel to Canada as of June 21, 2021

Effective June 21, 2021, permanent resident visa holders will be eligible to travel to Canada. This means that any foreign nationals who hold a valid Confirmation of Permanent Residence document (COPR) may travel to Canada to take up residence at this time.

Previously, those who held a COPR issued after March 18, 2020, were restricted from coming to Canada unless they were coming from the USA or met one of the other exceptions to the travel restrictions.

Those whose COPR’s have expired should not attempt to enter Canada. They must first renew the COPR so that it is valid. Information on how to renew the COPR will be available on the IRCC website in the near future.

Those entering Canada with valid COPR’s must still meet all travel requirements and, at this time, quarantine for 14 days after arriving in Canada, including 3 days at a hotel. Before travelling it is necessary to take a Covid-19 test and have proof that you are not infected. A quarantine plan on the ArriveCan application is required on entry, and travellers should make prior arrangements for the mandatory 3-day hotel quarantine which is required immediately after arriving in Canada. Travellers will also have to take another Covid test on arrival.

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents can avoid quarantine if fully vaccinated

Starting July 5, 2021, fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents can enter Canada without having to go into quarantine for 14 days. Proof of vaccination can be submitted through the ArriveCan application prior to travelling to Canada.

Travellers must still take a Covid-19 test prior to travelling, and another on arrival, to show that they are not infected. They must be asymptomatic and have a quarantine plan even if that will not be enforced.

This easing of travel restrictions does not apply to foreign nationals at this time.