What Are the Criteria for the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Immigration Category?

Entrepreneur Immigration Passport

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, or SINP, is a way for people to gain entry into Canada by being nominated by the province. There are a few different categories within the program, each with its own unique set of qualifying criteria. One of the categories is the Entrepreneur category.

Nomination Criteria

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program  Entrepreneur Category has four nomination criteria that must be met in order to be approved. The criteria are as follows:

  • A verifiable minimum net worth of $300,000 Canadian dollars.
  • A minimum of three years entrepreneurial experience or relevant business management experience.
  • A verifiable accumulation of net worth through legal means.
  • The intention to live in and invest in the province of Saskatchewan. An Intent Grading Grid is used to determine this.

The program criteria for the Entrepreneur Immigration Category is liable to change at any time, and all of the applications that are received will be matched against the current criteria, whatever it happens to be. The federal government sets a nomination limit, and the SINP must abide by that limit, so no applications are guaranteed to be accepted.

Requirements After Approval

If the SINP does approve you for nomination in the Entrepreneur Category, certain requirements are expected.  They include:

  • A minimum active investment in Saskatchewan that totals $150,000 CAD. This amount is a minimum of $1 million if you own less than one-third of the business.
  • Day-to-day involvement in the management of the business.
  • Making a Good Faith Deposit of $75,000, that may be returned.

Scheduling a Meeting

If you are nominated and go through the process to become a permanent resident, you must contact the SINP office within the first 30 days of landing in Saskatchewan. Once that meeting is through, you can continue on with the life you have already started in Saskatchewan.

By this time, you will have been nominated and accepted, having met all of the criteria for the provincial and the federal governments. This program is how many new entrepreneurs find their way into Saskatchewan to begin a long term Canadian business story.

The immigration offices and different levels of government are available for help during the process, as everyone’s main goal is to get each new nominee through the process as smoothly as possible, so they can start contributing to the province of Saskatchewan on a grand scale. Take the first step and get an application package today.