Who Is Eligible For Express Entry?

Express Entry Eligibility

As of January 2015, Canada’s Express Entry program will be available to help skilled workers immigrate to Canada.

The Express Entry program is an upgrade to traditional Canadian immigration programs because it will adhere to faster processing times. Furthermore, applicants from a vast array of fields will have access to the program.

Express Entry is modelled after successful programs in New Zealand and Australia that help people with different skill sets gain accelerated entry into the country they wish to work in. One of the more exciting aspects of this program is that anyone can apply.

To apply under the Express Entry system, you first need to qualify to apply for permanent residence under the Skilled Worker, Skilled Trades, or Canadian Experience Class. Once you are registered in the Express Entry system, you will be placed in a pool of potential applicants under these categories, and you will be ranked against the others in the pool based on your qualifications. The immigration authorities will then periodically invite the highest ranking people in the pool to apply for permanent residence.

There isn’t a strict list of occupations that you need to master in order to apply for Express Entry. Applicants are able to present their credentials in whatever field they excel. Think of Express Entry as a job application, but instead of submitting your resume and meeting with someone from the HR department to secure employment, you will be ranked through a system of points.

The point system includes your age, level of education, proficiency in English and French, Canadian work experience (if any), having a spouse or common-law partner that is already a citizen, a previously arranged employment offer from a Canadian employer or provincial nomination, and how you will directly benefit from and benefit Canada’s economy and workforce.

If you do not already have a job offer in place from a Canadian business, you do not need to worry. You can register with the Canadian Job Bank while you are completing your Express Entry application online.

The goal of Express Entry is to tackle existing issues within the Canadian immigration system and make it more efficient. Immigration will be faster and help employers gain access to qualified people from different places across the globe.

The intent of this program is not to take jobs away from deserving Canadians, but to compliment our workforce with skilled individuals and allow them access to the great benefits our country has to offer.

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