Sponsorship: Form Guidelines

Sponsorship Form Guidelines

If you are planning on submitting your application in order to sponsor your common law partner or spouse you will need to build a strong case. To do so, you will not only require the mandatory documentation but supporting documents as well to lend credence to your sponsorship application. In other words, it is highly recommended that you provide additional documents beyond what Citizenship and Immigration Canada stipulates in order to increase the probability of success.

Also, please remember that there are no guarantees for success, as your particular sponsorship officer will use their own discretion to determine whether or not they accept or veto your request for sponsorship: This is why including any additional documents or referrals is highly recommended before you file your claim.

Furthermore, the standard application forms that you require can be accessed and printed from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. You should also only fill out the forms that are relevant to your particular situation, as some of the criteria in the forms may not apply to your unique case. It is also highly recommend that you go through the forms at least once before you actually start filling out the forms in order to help reduce the probability of clerical errors.

It should be noted that Citizenship and Immigration Canada will often update the content of their website with little to no forewarning. As such, it is best to leave the form filling to the end, as it will ensure that you have the most up-to-date documents when you do decide to complete them. Another benefit to reading the documents before competing them is it will allow you to cross reference as you go through the forms to ensure accuracy.

As of this writing there are 28 different forms that are available on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to cater to a variety of different sponsorship cases. For a listing of the forms available please visit the Government of Canada website. Upon perusing the plethora of different sponsorship forms you may notice that many of them contain the same content. However, the way in which you complete the forms, according to personal relevance, will be the primary determinant in whether or not your claim is accepted.

It is ideal to take the time to go over the documents carefully, cross referencing as needed. In some cases, some of the legal terminology may be hard to comprehend. If you require help do not hesitate to consult a legal expert to help translate the legalese for you.

For those who require help with their legal sponsorship documents or simply require legal counsel to help maximize the probability of success Matthew Jeffery can help. An immigration law lawyer with over 15 years of experience practicing in the city of Toronto, Mr. Jeffery has the experience, and resourcefulness to help his clientele with common law or spousal sponsorship claims. To schedule a consultation by phone or in person call the office of Matthew Jeffrey at 647- 496-5877, or visit our website if you require more information or support.

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