Removal Order Appeals

Removal Order Appeals Lawyer Permanent residents of Canada can receive removal orders for certain kinds of immigration violations. The most common are having been convicted

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Residency Appeals

Residency Appeals Lawyer Canadian permanent residents who have been found not to have met the residency requirement of being in Canada for 2 years out

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Sponsorship Appeals

SPONSORSHIP APPEALS LAWYER Sponsorship appeals are appeals by Canadian citizens or permanent residents of the refusal by the immigration authorities of their application to sponsor

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Refugee Claim in Canada

Refugee Immigration Canadian Immigration Lawyer Specializing in All Types of Immigration Cases Over 20 Years of Experience Excellent Success Rate HOW CAN WE HELP? Knowledge.

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Mandamus Appeals

Mandamus Appeals At the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, we specialize in all immigration appeal matters, including Mandamus Appeals. Mandamus is Latin for “we command”

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