Applying For Travel Documents When PR Card is Expired

Can I travel if my PR card has expired?

Where a permanent resident has remained outside of Canada and their permanent resident card has expired, they may apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) to allow them to re-enter Canada. A PRTD is generally a one-way visa to return to Canada that is valid for several months. The permanent resident can use the PRTD to travel to Canada, then once in Canada, apply for a new PR Card in order to be able to travel regularly.

Just like a PR Card application, a PRTD application requires the applicant to show that they have been physically resident in Canada for at least two years in the past five. If the permanent resident has not met this requirement, they can rely on the exception categories of living with a Canadian spouse / partner / parent abroad, working for a Canadian company / the government abroad, or they can make a Humanitarian and Compassionate request explaining the compelling circumstances that have prevented them from being able to meet the residency requirement.

PRTD applications are processed at visa offices outside of Canada and are intended to process on an expedited basis. They are usually decided quite quickly, and without any interview or request for further information. If the PRTD application is denied, this
generally means that the permanent resident has been found to have lost their permanent residence. In this situation, there is generally an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division in Canada within 60 days.

We Can Help Renew your Canadian PR Card

This video explains the PR Card renewal process. Most PR Cards are valid for five years. In order to renew the card, it’s typically recommended that the applicant proves that he or she has been in Canada for a minimum of two out of five years.

A list of all absences must be documented and sent to the Immigration authorities. However, every case is unique. There are always variables to consider. If you fail to meet the residency requirements, there may be certain exceptions you can rely upon. 

We specialize in complex cases. If your attempt to renew your PR Card has been rejected, fill out our PR Card Renewal Assessment form.

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