How long will I have to wait before I receive my PR Card?

Permanent resident card, process timeBegin the process of renewing your permanent resident card at least 6 months before the expiry date for routine cases, and 1 year in advance for complex matters. This will help you to avoid delays and inconveniences. The PR card is an important travel document so always make sure it doesn’t expire while you are away from Canada. If you must travel and your card is yet to be renewed, you have the option of applying for a Travel Document to return to Canada.

How much time will it take for the PR card to be renewed?

Once you fill in the required information and submit the forms with all the relevant documents attached, you’ll need to wait for IRCC to process your card. In most cases, it will take about 90 days for your card to be processed. To streamline this process, submit a complete application package and make sure that you’ve fulfilled the residency requirement.
Sometimes the processing can be delayed. This usually happens when the IRCC has too many applications to work on. They provide processing times on their website. You may visit their website and enter the type of card you need processed and they will estimate the time it will take based on the number of applications they are currently working on. Waiting times of up to 6 months to receive a new PR card are not uncommon. It can take more than a year to renew a card in complex cases where the applicant is not clearly meeting the residency requirement. It’s always a good idea to begin the renewal process early.

How will you get the PR card?

Most of the time IRCC will send your renewed PR card via mail. They will use the mailing address that you provided in your application. If you have made changes to your mailing address, make sure you update IRCC. Sometimes applicants are required to collect the PR card in person from a local IRCC office. If your renewed PR card is not collected within 180 days, it may be cancelled and you may need to re-apply.

How to handle errors after you receive your renewed card

Errors such as your name being misspelled can occur on your permanent resident card. If you notice that your name has been shortened, this may not be an error since IRCC will shorten surnames that are longer than 20 characters. Just contact them to find out if the error is valid and if it is the case they will re-issue your card.

What to do with a valid card

If you have already started the renewal process but have a valid card, do not discard it until you receive the new card. You can still use the valid card when travelling because you will need it to re-enter Canada. You should only destroy your old card after receiving the new renewed card. If you will be going to pick up the card at the IRCC office, take the old card with you and submit it to the officer handing you the new one.

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