Meeting The Residency Requirement to Renew the PR Card

Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Cards are initially issued at the time the individual becomes a permanent resident of Canada, and are valid for five years. The PR Card acts as a travel document, enabling permanent residents who have travelled out of Canada to easily board a plane to return to Canada without the need for a visa.

Applying to Renew PR Card

In order to renew the card when it is expiring, the permanent resident must make an application to the immigration authorities requesting a new card, and in this application must show that they meet the residency requirement of being physically present in Canada for at least two of the past five years. To do so the permanent resident must list their absences from Canada and calculate the amount of time they have actually been in Canada. As long as the permanent resident has been in Canada for at least two years (730 days) in the five-year period, then their application will be treated as routine by the immigration authorities, and the processing should proceed fairly quickly, with the new card issued within a few months.

Timing for Application to Renew PR Card 

In terms of the timing of the application, the immigration authorities will not accept an application to renew an expiring PR card unless that card is expiring within nine months (270 days) of the receipt of the application. If the permanent resident applies prematurely, the application will most likely be returned. Best is to apply as soon as possible within the nine-month period to ensure that the new card is issued before the old one expires.

In some cases, it is possible to request expedited processing of the PR card application. This can be done where the application is otherwise routine, and the application has some pressing need to travel in the near future. The immigration authorities will require proof of this, for example a plane ticket to the foreign destination and an explanation letter from the applicant.

Approval of Renewing PR Card

Once issued the new PR Card will be valid for a further five-year period. The PR Card can be renewed in this way indefinitely and as long as the individual maintains their permanent residence by meeting the residency requirement.

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We Can Help Renew your Canadian PR Card

This video explains the PR Card renewal process. Most PR Cards are valid for five years. In order to renew the card, it’s typically recommended that the applicant proves that he or she has been in Canada for a minimum of two out of five years.

A list of all absences must be documented and sent to the Immigration authorities. However, every case is unique. There are always variables to consider. If you fail to meet the residency requirements, there may be certain exceptions you can rely upon. 

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