How do I renew my permanent resident card?

A permanent resident card is usually valid for 5 years. The date of expiry is printed on the card. It’s important to know for how long the card will be valid so as to begin the renewal process on time. It’s advisable for the card to be renewed at least 6 months before the date of expiration for a straight-forward case, and a year in advance for a complicated matter. The renewal process can take a long time and may interfere with your travel plans if not started in a timely way. Therefore, starting early is very important. Here’s how you go about renewing your PR card:

Fill out the application form

Renew your permanent resident card.Get all the required application forms for renewing your permanent residency card and fill them out. Application forms must be completed correctly and fully for your PR card to be processed. 

Most importantly, the forms must clearly and accurately set out your periods of travel outside of Canada.


Include photos

Your photos should meet the requirements so that the application is not returned to you. For instance, only original photos that have been taken within the past 6 months should be submitted. Photos that have been altered or taken from other existing photos will be rejected. Ensure you write all the details that need to be written on the back of the photos. Your name, date of birth, date when photograph was taken and the name/complete address of the studio where the photo was taken should all be written at the back of one photo.

Include supporting documents

If you are renewing an expired card, you’ll need to provide the expired card. Return the card to the IRCC officer when you collect the new one. You’ll also need to provide copies of your valid passport or travel documents that you had when applying to become a permanent resident. Make sure you provide clear copies to avoid the IRCC returning your application.
Some documents will only apply to specific groups. For instance, those below 18 years of age who need to renew their PR cards are required to attach a copy of their birth certificate and school records. If you have been outside Canada for more than 1095 days in the last 5 years, you will be required to provide proof of residency. All other documents specified in the Document Checklist IMM5574 should be provided.

Make payment

You will need to pay the government for the filing fee. This payment can be made online. You will need to attach a copy of the receipt showing the amount paid when submitting the forms.
If the application is accurately completed and all the required documents are attached, it will be processed faster. The processing time will vary depending on the number of applications the IRCC is handling at the time. You may check whether you qualify for urgent processing of your PR card. For instance, if you need to renew the card in order to travel due to the death of a family member or a work opportunity, you may qualify for urgent processing. A new PR card will be sent to the appropriate local IRCC from where you can pick it. If the card is not collected within 180 days, you will need to file a new application.

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