More than 13,000 Asylum Seekers Crossing Canada This Year

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According to recent reports, the number of asylum seekers in Canada has increased tremendously in the past two months. In August, 5,712 people were intercepted by RCMP trying to cross to Canada, a figure that is almost double the number in July. Majority of these asylum seekers were crossing to Quebec. It is estimated that 5,550 of them were crossing to Quebec and 102 escaping to British Columbia. Many of the migrants are crossing illegally because of fear of facing deportation if they use the official points of entry.

Reasons To Come To Canada

A vast majority of migrants intercepted by the RCMP are travelling to Canada in search of asylum. The latest statistics shows that claims involving asylum seekers have significantly increased in the past months. In August, 4,905 claims were filed which is an increase from the 4,000 claims filed in July. The IRB is now facing a backlog of cases that need to be heard within 16 months after filing. Immigration lawyers in Canada have to encourage their clients to remain patient amidst the delays by the Immigration and Refugees Board in Canada to hear claims of those seeking to be awarded refugee status.

Are You Eligible For Refugee/Asylum Seeker Status?

The asylum seeker and refugee status is given to those who need protection when they arrive in Canada under certain conditions. The first criterion is usually if the person would be in danger if sent back to their home country. For instance, the person could be in danger of torture or any other threat to their life which involves unusual punishment. The Canadian authorities may then grant the applicant asylum seeker status which permits them to stay in the country legally.

Are You A Conventional Refugee?

One may be considered a conventional refugee if they have escaped from their home country for fear of being persecuted due to their race, religion, nationality or political inclinations. For example, there are those who escape their home country for fear of being discriminated against due to their disability. Such people may be considered as convention refugees in Canada.

Are You Eligible To File A Refugee Or Asylum Seeker Claim?

There are certain conditions that can deem one ineligible to apply for the refugee or asylum seeker status. For instance, if you are recognized as a convention refugee in another country that can allow you to go back, the IRB of Canada will not consider your application. If you are subject to a removal order or you had previously applied for a refugee claim but you abandoned or withdrew it, you may not be eligible for the refugee claim.

The refugee claim process can be complex and tough. There are certain guidelines and restrictions that you must abide by in order for your application to be successful. You first need to consult a Canadian immigration lawyer who will walk you through the process and help you to understand your options.