How to Apply for a Permanent Resident Card

Permanent Resident Card

Your Permanent Resident Card is the official proof of your status as a permanent resident in Canada and is required by any permanent residents who plan on traveling outside of Canada and returning to Canada by plane, train, boat, bus, or any other form of commercial transport.

New permanent residents will automatically receive their PR card in the mail when they gain permanent residence status but subsequent cards will require an application process. Before you begin the process, make sure you have all of the necessary documents. The application process is the same whether you are seeking a renewal of your PR card or if you require a replacement for a lost, stolen, or damaged card. If you are applying for a renewal, wait until you are within 6 months of your card expiring in order to ensure a seamless transition from the old card to the new one.


In order to qualify for a PR card you must meet several requirements including:

  • Permanent residence in Canada;
  • Physical presence in Canada;
  • Not being under a removal order;
  • Not being a Canadian citizen or registered Indian under the Indian Act; and
  • Not being convicted of an offence related to misuse of a PR card.

Those who have permanent resident status in Canada but are outside of the country without a valid PR card can still apply for the card, but will need to obtain a travel document from a Canadian visa office in order to return to Canada during the process or in order to collect the card once it is ready to be issued.

The Application Process

  • 1. Gather the necessary documents:

In order to apply for a Permanent Resident Card in Canada you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • A copy of your previous PR card;
  • Identification documents such as:
    • Valid passport or travel document;
    • Passport or travel documents you held at the time of becoming a permanent resident;
    • Certificate of identity or travel documents issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada or a foreign country.
  • Secondary identification documents such as:
    • Valid provincial driver’s license;
    • Valid provincial photo-identity card;
    • Valid student card issued from provincially accredited university; or
    • Your most recent income tax assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (within the past 2 years).
  • Documents providing proof of residence in Canada in the past 5 years such as:
    • Photocopies of all passports you have held in the last 5 years and
    • A copy of one of the following:
      • Income tax assessments issued by Canada Revenue Agency within the past 5 years;
      • Transcripts from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada verifying attendance within the past 5 years;
      • For school-aged children, written records verifying attendance within the past 5 years.
    • 2. Complete the application:

There are 3 forms that must be filled out and submitted: The Application for a Permanent Residence Card, Supplementary Identification Form, and a receipt for your online payment.

    • 3. Pay application fees:

Application fees can be paid online if you have a credit card, access to a computer with an internet connection, a valid email address, and access to a printer to print your receipt. If you would prefer, you can also pay your fees at a financial institution.

    • 4. Mail your application form to:

Case Processing Centre — PR Card
P.O. Box 10020