Liberal Government Restores Refugee Health Care Program

Refugee Health Care Program

The Liberal government has recently announced the restoration of the Interim Federal Health Program. The program was originally cut by the Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, but its restoration will ensure that refugees entering Canada are given access to the full range of health facilities available across the country. In this post, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview on the Interim Federal Health Program and its benefits.

Included within the services restored for refugees in Canada will be full hospital and physician services. These services are often critical for refugees, particularly those who have endured an arduous journey to enter the country. Giving refugees access to this level of health care is set to help prevent a number of health care issues across the refugee community in the coming years.

Dental Services

Under the Interim Federal Health Program, refugees will also enjoy access to the same level of dental care, vision care and prescription drug services offered to Canadian on social assistance programs. This care will act as a safety net for refugees entering the country and ensure their full range of health needs are met as they acclimatize to Canada.

In-Line with Services Offered to Syrian Refugees

The new announcement by the Liberal government follows on from the approval of assistance to Syrian refugees entering the country as a result of the Syrian civil war. The exemption in the case of Syrian refugees gave individuals access to full Canadian healthcare services if they arrived in the country as a result of humanitarian and compassionate considerations.

A Broad Range of Benefits

The latest change to restore the Interim Federal Health Program is set to have a range of benefits not just for refugees entering the country, but for Canadians as a whole. These benefits include:

  • Preventing the spread of new diseases among the general population
  • Reducing the burden on provinces and territories
  • Supporting the access rights of new Canadians to the country’s high level of health care

With refugees entering Canada from across the world and with the global community facing a number of immigration challenges, the Canadian government is now working to help those most vulnerable to achieve the level of health care they require to successfully rebuild their lives. To learn more on this topic, speak with our office team today.