Changes to Application Intake Process for 2017 Parent and Grandparent Program

Changes to application intake process for 2017 Parent and Grandparent Program

The immigration department is taking steps to make application processing fair and transparent for all. As a result, they have made changes in the parent sponsorship Canada making it easier for applicants to complete the process. CIC will review applications and only accept a limited number of candidates.

Changes made by the IRCC are designed to make it easy for any Canadian permanent resident to apply for this program. Anyone who is interested in sponsoring their parents or grandparents can now take advantage of a fair and transparent system designed with the needs of users in mind.

Fill an Online Application

Those interested in applying to sponsor their parents and grandparents can now complete an online form that is provided on the IRCC website. This form notifies the immigration department of the applicant’s interest to sponsor a parent or grandparent to enter Canada. The IRCC has provided applicants an opportunity to fill this form between 3rd January and 2nd February 2017. This is a 30-day period in which applicants must first complete the online form.

Details Required When Applying

Among the details that you will be asked for when filling the online form include, the individual’s name, date of birth, country of birth, postal code and main home address. Ensure that every information submitted on the person to be sponsored is correct. The IRCC has ways to review all details and verify that what you’ve provided is correct. After the information has been successfully submitted online you will get a confirmation number.

Maintain your confirmation number safely because you may need it in future. Remember that you can only submit a single form. Any duplicate entries will be eliminated by the immigration officer. Keep in mind that completing this online form doesn’t automatically mean that you have applied for parent or grandparent sponsorship.

Complete the Full Application

The grandparent and parent sponsorship program works more or less like Express Entry Canada. The immigration department selects from a pool of eligible applicants, a few and sends invitations to apply for permanent residence. It works almost in similar fashion when it comes to parent and grandparent sponsorships.

After you’ve submitted the online form, the IRCC will then review all applications and then randomly select 10,000 people who will be required to now apply for parent or grandparent sponsorship. Everyone who filled the online form will be notified whether they were chosen to go ahead with the full application or not. Only a few people are invited to apply for the parent and grandparent sponsorship program. Sponsors who are not selected will be given an opportunity to apply again in 2018.

After Receiving an Invitation to Apply

Once you’ve been invited by the IRCC to apply for the parent and grandparent program, you will be given 90 days to submit your full application. You can use the 2017 new application kit and guide to help you in filling out the forms and attaching required documents. A Canadian citizenship lawyer can also come in handy when filling these applications.