Can You Sponsor Your Spouse For a Visa in Canada?

Can You Sponsor Your Spouse For a Visa in Canada?

Yes! Immigration laws make it much easier for spouses of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to enter Canada than for non-spouses. You may also sponsor a common-law or conjugal partner of either gender, even if you are not married, but more evidence will be needed to support the application.

Sponsors must still meet some basic requirements, such as being a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada, having sufficient income or assets to support their spouse once they arrive in Canada, not being bankrupt, and not having been convicted of sex crimes or certain violent crimes.

You will need to present proof of permanent resident (PR) status or citizenship in order to sponsor a spouse. Please note that permanent residency is not automatic; it is granted by Citizenship and Immigration pending a review. One thing the immigration authorities will assess is whether they believe that the marriage or partnership is genuine, or whether it is for immigration purposes only. If they don’t believe the relationship is for real, the immigration authorities will refuse the application. When assessing whether a marital or common-law/conjugal relationship is genuine, the visa officer who reviews the case will consider how the couple met, the development of the relationship, and the evidence of contact and communication, among other things. There is no one factor that is determinative in assessing a genuine marriage, it is really a matter of deciding whether there seems to be a real, loving, close relationship between the Canadian sponsor and the foreign spouse or partner.

Your Spouse will also need to pass Medical and Criminal Background Checks. Criminal records are a common reason that spouses are denied visas. Although not every crime in every country leads to a visa denial, most do.

Medical checks will not usually lead to a permanent barrier to entry, but immigrants with contagious diseases will be denied entry unless they can present proof of good health at the time of immigration.

  • You need to show that you can support your Spouse

Since it is difficult to find a job when a person first arrives in Canada, you will need to prove that you can provide basic needs like food and housing for your spouse. Although the government sometimes accepts a work contract as proof of income, last year’s tax return is far more likely to lead to a speedy and successful application.

  • You Need to Prove He or She is Your Spouse or Common-Law Partner

This requires documents such as a marriage certificate, proof of living together, or the records of a joint bank account. You may need to contact foreign governments to obtain relevant documents.

  • If You Live in Quebec, You Need to Meet Quebec Requirements

Quebec uses a different legal system from the rest of Canada and has provincial requirements, in addition to federal ones, for immigrants. You will need to apply for a Quebec selection certificate. Selection certificates have many of the same requirements as federal government sponsorship applications, but also require you and your spouse to affirm your belief in Quebec’s official values.