How do I immigrate to Canada?

How do I immigrate to Canada?

Immigration to Canada can be done only if you can qualify under one of the existing immigration categories.  These categories are loosely separated into two types: permanent residence applications and temporary residence applications.  Those who wish to live in Canada permanently should apply under one of the permanent residence categories, and those who only want to remain in Canada for a temporary period of time should apply under the temporary residence categories.

For those who wish to obtain permanent residence in Canada, the main categories are the Skilled Worker Category, the Family Sponsorship Category, and the Provincial Nominee Category.  The Skilled Worker category allows people who have a high level of education, skilled work experience, and English or French language skills to apply directly for immigration to Canada, even if they are not living in Canada.  A variation of this is the Canadian Experience Class, which allows foreign workers who are working in Canada to apply for permanent residence.  The Family Sponsorship category allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their close family members for permanent residence in Canada, including their spouses, partners, children, and parents.  Each province of Canada also has its own small immigration program and may nominate potential immigrants based on their own provincial criteria.

Those who wish to only enter Canada for a temporary period of time may apply for a visitor visa, a study permit, or a work permit.  As the names imply, visitor visas are for those who wish to enter Canada as tourists, study permits are for those who have gained acceptance into a school program and wish to study in Canada, and work permits are for those who have obtained a job offer from a Canadian company and need legal permission to work in Canada.

If you know which type and category of application you wish to apply under, you can then gather information to determine if you qualify to make an application.  If you do believe that you are qualified, you can contact our office to assist you to prepare and file your application.

This explains the basics of how to apply for immigration to Canada.  To learn more about the various categories available, please review our website, which provides detailed explanations of each category of immigration to Canada.

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