Investor Immigration Programs

How we help you apply under the Investor Immigration Programs

The Federal Immigrant Investor Program or IIP was discontinued in mid-2014. However, a few provincial programs serving the same purpose still exist. These are the Manitoba Business Investor Stream (previously known as Manitoba Provincial Nominee Business Program) and the Quebec Investor Immigration Program.

These programs are aimed at bringing high net worth individuals as well as their families into the country. Other Canada investment immigration programs that serve the same purpose are the Prince Edward Island Program and the Quebec Entrepreneur Program.

At the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, we have years of experience in investor immigration Canada, including federal investment programs like the Manitoba Business Investor Stream and the Quebec Investor Immigration Program.

How We Assist you to apply under the Quebec Investor Immigration Program

We will help you understand the qualification requirements. These include demonstration that you have a net worth of over $1,600,000, that you can invest at least $800,000 in a business loan to the Quebec government, and that you have at least 2 years recent managerial experience in a lawful business (commercial, industrial, or agricultural), an international agency, or a government. Note you stand a higher chance of qualifying if you speak French, but there is no French language requirement. There is also no age requirement.

Applying for a Quebec Investor Immigration Program is a 2-stage process. We will assist you through both processes. The first of these is at the Quebec Immigration Office (SIQ). This first stage is usually completed within 12 months.

If the first step is successful, your file will be sent to the Canadian visa office that serves your country. Processing at this stage will take 12 months or more. If this stage is successful, you and your family will get your permanent resident visas, which you can use to enter and stay anywhere in the country.

How We Assist you to apply to the Manitoba Business Investor Stream

We will assist you to understand the requirements, which include that you must invest in a business in the province and you must play an active role in managing the business. You must prove that you have a minimum verifiable personal net worth of CDN$350,000, that you have been running a successful business for over 3 years as the owner or in a management position, and that you have at least 3 years of experience in senior management. You are required to pay a deposit of $100,000.

Our investor immigration lawyer Canada will help you prepare the application by obtaining and compiling the relevant documents, then filing the completed application on your behalf. Once we do this, you and our team will get a letter of approval which will have the Deposit Agreement or contract which outlines the further requirements. We will assist you with these further processes and until a decision is made in your case.

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