How can I check if my application has been received?

Received applicationWhen IRCC begins processing your application, they will send an acknowledgment of receipt letter to your mail or an email with the application number to your online account. The acknowledgement of receipt letter is only sent to the applicant when they have opened the application and ensured that it is completed. This means that the day on which the IRCC receives the application and the day it is opened may vary.

When to expect the application to be returned

If you send your application and it is incomplete, the IRCC will return it to you without any processing. Applications are also returned due to missing fees or if it has been received after a program is paused, closed or a cap is reached. The IRCC will send a letter to the applicant with details on why the applications were returned either via email or to their physical address.

How to track your application

There are a few tips that you can take advantage of to track your application.

  • If you use mail to submit your application, opt for a courier service that requires a signature when the package is delivered. This will let you know when the applications have been received by the IRCC so you can start keeping track of its progress.
  • The best way to track your application is using an online account. IRCC allows you to link your application to an online account depending on the immigration program and if you applied online. Using the online account, you can check application status and get messages from the IRCC which helps you to act fast.
  • For applications that were sent to the Visa Application Center, applicants can receive their tracking services which allow them to know whether the IRCC has received their applications.
  • For applications that were done online, you will get to a confirmation page after submitting your application which helps you to know that it has been received. The IRCC will also send an email asking you to check your online account for a confirmation message. Each confirmation message has a confirmation number that you need to keep for your records. The messages may not be sent immediately after you submit your application. It may take several hours for IRCC to send the email after submitting your application.

What happens after I send my application?

The IRCC will start by opening the application to ensure that they are complete, all required fees have been paid and the immigration program that you applied for is ongoing. The immigration officer will look out for any missing forms, documents or any other information that needs to be attached before they send the acknowledgment of receipt letter to the applicant.
Once the application is received, opened and checked to ensure it is complete, the IRCC begins processing. Processing times may vary depending on the volumes of applications and the amount of time the applicant takes to fulfill any requests made by the IRCC during processing.

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