The Canadian Family Sponsorship Program – How it Works

Canadian Family Sponsorship Program

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and you wish to bring your loved one into Canada, you will have to apply through the family class sponsorship program. The family sponsorship program was designed to reunite families by offering reasonable guidelines to bring loved ones from abroad. It’s the government’s initiative to keep families united whenever possible and this program advocates for this.

Do you qualify to sponsor a family member?

To qualify for family class sponsorship, you need to have any of the following relationships with the person you wish to sponsor to enter Canada.

  • A spouse
  • A common-law partner
  • A conjugal partner
  • Parent or grandparent
  • Dependent child

Talk to your immigration lawyer to understand if it is an option for you to get your loved ones to move into Canada.

Finding the right family class sponsorship for you

There are different options when it comes to family sponsorships and it is important to understand the one that suits your situation best.

Parent and grandparent sponsorships

If you wish to have your parent or grandparent move into Canada, you may apply for sponsorship after ensuring that they meet the eligibility requirements. Bear in mind that the immigration department has an annual cap on the number of applications they can accept. You can also opt for the Super Visa program that is designed to allow parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to come to Canada with a multi-entry visitor visa that could be valid for up to 10 years. Your parents and grandparents can enjoy longer stays while you apply for sponsorship or make changes in your lifestyle to qualify to become a sponsor. Work with an immigration lawyer to help you understand the options and how you can meet all the eligibility requirements to sponsor your parent or grandparent into Canada.

Spouse or common-law partner sponsorships

You can sponsor a spouse or common law partner to enter Canada and there are multiple options available for you. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of making different sponsorship applications. For instance, you can sponsor your spouse who is in Canada or while abroad. Inland and outland applications have a significant difference in terms of processing and this may impact on the outcome. Work with an immigration lawyer to review the best option depending on your situation.

Dependent child sponsorship program

This allows you to bring a dependent child into Canada. First, the Canadian government will need to determine if you qualify to become a sponsor. If you do qualify, the child also needs to fulfill the eligibility requirements in order to be accepted into Canada.

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