How do I make sure that my application is not delayed or returned?

Delayed Or Returned applicationCare must be taken when preparing an immigration application to ensure that all required information and documentation has been properly presented to the immigration authorities. Any error in the forms or documents can lead to a case being returned or refused. It is important to understand that IRCC will not provide you with an opportunity to update or amend an incomplete application, but will simply send the whole thing back to you unprocessed. There are cases where application forms are returned to the applicant several times causing delays for months or even years due to simple errors that could easily have been avoided. Here are a few steps to take in order to avoid delays or a refusal after submitting your application to the IRCC.

Understand the things that cause delays

Several things can cause delays depending on your immigration category. They include:

  • Medical reports or police screenings that take too long to be received by the IRCC causing delays in processing.
  • Interviews that must be carried out by the IRCC
  • Communicating to them via email instead of connecting your application to an online account. An online account makes it easier for them to send you messages and for you to check your application status.
  • Failure to respond to any requests for information from them quickly
  • Large volumes of applications at the IRCC that require processing

Some of the factors above that cause delays can be avoided by taking steps such as opening an online account and responding to IRCC’s requests promptly. However, you may not have control of some factors, such as a high number of applications received by IRCC that cause delays in processing.

Before you apply

Prior to submitting your application, below are a few things that you can do to avoid delays or a refusal.

  • Ensure all the application forms are properly filled and signed/dated where required
  • Go through the application Document Checklist twice to make sure the indicated documents have been included when submitting your application.
  • Make payment using the right method and make sure you’ve paid the correct amount
  • Go through your application twice before submitting it to check for errors or missing information
  • Pay the permanent residence fee of C$490 upfront or make the payment immediately once you get a request from IRCC asking you to do so.

After submitting the application

As soon as you send the application forms to the IRCC, there are a few things that you can do to avoid delays or the forms being returned.

  • Link the paper application to your online account. This may not apply to all types of applications. The online account will enable you to get instant messages or information about your application status. Check if the application type you made can be linked on IRCC website.
  • Ensure your contact information that the IRCC has is up to date. The IRCC is likely to contact you in case they need more information.
  • If you have had changes that may affect your application such as birth, marriage or change of job, report it to the IRCC immediately.
  • Make sure any requests for documents or additional information from the IRCC are responded to quickly and by following all the instructions given.

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