Documentary Evidence Required for Spousal Sponsorship Applications


The process of sponsoring a spouse to Canada can be complicated for anyone who’s never made such an application before. The IRCC is constantly making changes to spousal sponsorship applications so it’s sometimes hard to keep up. These changes are mainly meant to reduce processing times and streamline the entire process. The sponsor and applicant must fulfill the minimum requirements in order to be considered for spouse sponsorship Canada.

For you to sponsor a relative, he/she must be a member of spouse or common-law partner in Canada. Sponsors are also required to complete the undertaking and sponsorship agreement before their application is granted. You will then pay all applicable fees when submitting your application while making sure everything is correctly completed and signed. All required supporting documents must be sent for your application to be considered. There are cases where you may be asked to provide additional information after submitting your application.


For your spouse to be granted permanent residence, you must provide documentary evidence to support your relationship. This includes:

  • A marriage certificate
  • If the spouse was previously married, you’ll need to provide proof of divorce
  • If the applicant lives with the sponsor, you need evidence to support this such as a copy of your lease, mortgage that shows you share the same address
  • Wedding invitations and photos
  • Documents from other institutions that indicate your marital relationship

Common law partners

Common law partnerships also need documented proof when applying for sponsorship. The documented evidence you may be requested to provide includes:

  • A statutory declaration of common-law relationship
  • If the applicant or sponsor was previously married, you will need to attach proof of divorce or separation from the previous spouse.
  • Proof that you have been living together e.g lease documents that show the same address
  • Documents from other institutions that show a common law relationship
  • Joint bank account statements
  • Documents that show your joint insurance policies
  • Documents showing joint ownership of property


You need supporting documents to show that you have been living together with your spouse in Canada for a certain number of years. For instance, you can show a copy of your lease which indicates that you share the same address. If the documents you provide are not enough, you may need to go for an interview. If you leave Canada at the time the IRCC seeks to grant permanent residence, you are not eligible to be granted as a common law partner or spouse. You can apply under any of the family class sponsorship programs while outside Canada.

Get legal assistance

Spousal sponsorship applications in Canada can be quite complex. If you are still confused about the process, seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer. The lawyer will help you to ensure you’re moving on the right path and save you so much time and energy in the process. You get to discuss your matter with an experienced lawyer who will explain your options and keep you informed throughout the process.


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