How long will it take to process my spousal sponsorship application?

Spousal sponsorship applications are processed by IRCC in the order in which they are received. Recently, IRCC made changes that would help them to reduce processing times. A few of those changes include:

  • Coming up with a single application kit for everyone instead of the 2 kits that were for applicants living in Canada and those overseas. Now there’s only one application package for all.
  • Replaces the 14 guides and checklists with a single checklist that can be used by all applicants to know what documents and forms need to be submitted.
  • A simple relationship and sponsorship form was created to replace the 3 relationship questionnaires and sponsorship evaluation forms that were earlier used.
  • IRCC also doesn’t require medical examination and police reports to be provided upfront with the rest of the application. These items will be provided later in the process upon their request.

Changes in processing time

IRCC recently reduced the spousal sponsorship processing time from up to 26 months to 12 months for both in-Canada and outside of Canada cases. During this period, the following steps need to be taken in the new application process:

  1. Identify the checklist that applies to your situation. Spouses, common law partners, conjugal partners and dependent children each have different checklists.
  2. Fill out all the forms that are required in the checklist that applies to your situation
  3. Once the forms are completely and accurately filled, send them to the IRCC for processing
  4. When the IRCC receives the forms, you will get a letter of acknowledgement and instructions on how to create an online account and link your sponsorship application.
  5. Go ahead and link your application to the online account if you wish. This will make it easier for you to check the progress of your application and receive and send information.
  6. Complete and submit information such as police reports within 30 days
  7. Wait to receive instructions on the medical exams needed by the IRCC and then take the tests and submit the results within the next 30 days
  8. Check your online account for any additional information or documents that the IRCC may require from you
  9. Once the IRCC obtains all the documents and information from you, they will finish processing your application
  10. The decision will then be issued (whether you have been approved or denied sponsorship). If the application is approved, then the applicant will receive a permanent resident visa.

What you can do to make sure the application is processed quickly

Spousal Sponsorship Application

First and foremost, make sure your file is up to date. Secondly, link your application to the online account so that you can quickly receive messages from the IRCC and take action immediately. All the forms and documents submitted must be complete and accurate to avoid delays.

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