Understanding Conjugal Partner Sponsorship applications


Conjugal partner sponsorship Canada was designed to streamline the process of reuniting families. As a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you can qualify to sponsor a conjugal partner to enter Canada and receive permanent resident status.

Do you qualify as a conjugal partner?

Below are some of the minimum requirements to be considered a conjugal sponsor in Canada.

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • You must reside in Canada or if you are a citizen living outside Canada, show that you have plans of coming back to Canada once the application is approved and the person is granted permanent residency.
  • Sign an agreement to confirm that you and the sponsored partner understand your obligations and responsibilities.
  • Sign an undertaking to confirm that you will provide the conjugal partner with all the financial support to cater for his/her basic needs as well as those their dependents if applicable.

What’s a conjugal partner undertaking?

To sponsor a conjugal partner to immigrate to Canada, you are required to sign a contract commonly regarded to as an undertaking. This contract, provided by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, is a promise that you will cater for the sponsored person’s basic requirements and those of his/her dependent children. This could also mean catering for their health care needs which the government doesn’t provide. By signing this undertaking, it’s an assurance for the government that they don’t have to use additional money to support foreigners when they apply for social assistance. The length of the undertaking can vary depending on the age of the sponsored person and other factors such as the relationship you have.

Demonstrate that the relationship is genuine

For the conjugal sponsorship to be approved, you have to demonstrate the genuineness of your relationship. You’ll need supporting documents to show that the conjugal union has existed for at least 12 months. You must show that for extenuating reasons, you have not been able to cohabit or get married. In conjugal relationships, people are separated for reasons that are beyond their control such as government persecution, religious issues or war. If not for these situations, the couple would have applied for spousal sponsorship.

Get help from a qualified immigration lawyer

Conjugal partnerships can be very complicated cases especially if you are interested in sponsoring a loved one to live in Canada. Sometimes there are difficult situations that can prevent your application from getting approved. The best part is that you can always get assistance to draft a more effective application and arrange all the required documents. If the application is properly planned and complete, it is more likely to get accepted saving you time and money along the way.  An immigration lawyer can help you determine if you qualify as conjugal sponsors and how to begin the application process. If you have failed to bring your partner to Canada, this route could work for you. Consult a lawyer to help you understand what options best suit your circumstances.

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