International Students Forced to Leave the Country After Graduation

Immigration Lawyer Canada

Most international students in Canada have dreams of starting a new life in the country after they graduate. But according to recent reports, many of them are forced to leave the country soon after their graduation mainly because of immigration issues. These students are often misinformed on immigration matters, which is why they end up having to return home. They are simply unaware that a Canadian immigration lawyer can help to continue their immigration status in Canada.

Rise In International Students In Canada

Even though the federal immigration officials claim that international students are among the most preferred immigrants in Canada, a lot has to be done to ensure they are able to fulfill their dreams of living and working here. In British Columbia alone, it is reported that there are more than 136,000 international students each year. Across the country, over 350,000 international students are admitted in different schools each year. In 2014, there were over 53,000 international students graduating in Canada.

Why Study In Canada?

For many international students, the decision to study in Canada is driven by the fact that they will be able to gain permanent residency after completing their studies and settle in the country. In fact, the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer performed a study and revealed that 63% of international students had the dreams of living and working in Canada after they graduate. The unfortunate fact is that less than 30% of these international students were given permanent residency after graduating. This is according to a report given by Statistics Canada.

Changes In The Express Entry Program

Late last year, the immigration department announced significant changes to the Express Entry program in a bid to make it easier for international students to gain permanent residence status.  For instance, if a student had taken their post-secondary education at a Canadian institution, he/she earns more points. More points are also awarded to students with a family in Canada as well as those who had high academic level in English or French.

Get Help From An Accredited Immigration Lawyer

As an international student, you may face a lot of confusion or barriers when applying for permanent residency. Working with an accredited lawyer will help ensure you understand the rules of programs such as the Express Entry and achieve your goals of living and working in Canada after you graduate. The main benefit of working with experts is because they’ll help you keep track of the changes that are constantly being made making it difficult for international students to plan for immigration on their own. You may plan to apply for permanent residency under a specific program only to realize when it’s too late that changes in the federal immigration law will significantly affect your application. Since information on immigration programs are not readily available for students, it’s important to stay in touch with an immigration lawyer to avoid unforeseen issues.