Things That Might Affect Your Sponsorship Application

Thing that might affect your sponsorship application

You can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to sponsor a spouse to come to Canada if you are a permanent resident in Canada or a Canadian citizen. The individual intending to be the sponsor is the one to make the application on behalf of their partner. You will be required to provide a number of legal documents along with the application. As a sponsor you will be required to provide financial support for the individual being sponsored for at least three years by providing all their basic needs.

A number of things may affect the sponsorship application. First, a sponsored spouse or partner will only receive conditional permanent residence if your application was made after October 2012. With conditional permanent residence, the person you sponsor must live with you for a period of two years in a legitimate relationship after receiving permanent resident status.

However, conditional permanent residence does not apply if you have been married for more than two years or if you have children together. This conditional permanent residence is supposed to restrict sponsorship for immigration purposes and not family reunification. Many people have often tried pretending to be in a relationship simply to get permanent residence or citizenship in Canada and the IRCC tries to prevent this.

Your sponsorship application processing may also be delayed for a couple of reasons. The IRCC will not process your application until a final decision has been made if your sponsor’s permanent residence or citizenship is in the process of being revoked. Your application will also be suspended if your sponsor has a removal order. If you are inadmissible because of security, serious and organized criminality or human and international rights violation, the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship as well as the Minister of Public Safety can sign a certificate that will result in your application being suspended. The IRCC will not process any applications from individuals that have been charged with offences that can lead to a maximum prison term of ten years until the matter is resolved.

However, once you resolve the problem that made you lose eligibility as a sponsor, you can restart the application afresh at a future date. In case you continue to apply and your application is refused, you will receive a response in writing with advice on whether you can appeal the decision of the immigration officer or not.

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