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Matthew Jeffery - Canada Immigration Lawyer

Matthew Jeffery, Barrister & Solicitor, is a Canadian immigration lawyer based in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Jeffery specializes in all types of immigration cases, including applications for permanent residence such as family sponsorships, skilled workers, Canadian Experience Class, and humanitarian cases; applications for temporary residence including work permits, student visas, and visitor visas; permanent resident card renewals, and citizenship applications. Mr. Jeffery’s office also provides the full range of Canadian immigration appeal and litigation services, such as judicial review before the Federal Court of Canada, citizenship appeals, and appeals to the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Matthew Jeffery, B.A., J.D., is a Canadian Barrister & Solicitor. He is certified as a Specialist in Immigration Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada, which is recognition of his expert status in this area of law. As a licensed immigration lawyer, Mr. Jeffery is authorized by the Canadian government to represent clients in all types of immigration matters. Mr. Jeffery has over fifteen years of experience exclusively in the field of immigration law and has the expertise needed to successfully guide clients through the complicated Canadian immigration system.


Family Sponsorship

Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the ability to sponsor family members to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. Spouses, common-law partners, conjugal partners, children, parents and grandparents may all be sponsored. To qualify for Spousal Sponsorship in Canada, or other applicable types of family sponsorship, the sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, at least 18 years of age, and must have sufficient income to support their family member upon arrival.

Learn more about spouse and family sponsorship here

Skilled Workers

Skilled Workers may apply for permanent residence in Canada if they have skills and experience needed in the Canadian labour market. Applicants under the Federal Skilled Worker Category must pass a point system which assesses whether the Skilled Worker will be successful in Canada. Applicants to be a Skilled Worker in Canada must also either have an Arranged Employment Offer (AEO) in Canada, be on the list of Eligible Occupations, or be enrolled in, or have completed a PhD program in Canada.

There is also a Federal Skilled Trades Category geared toward tradespersons working in Canada, or applying from outside Canada holding a provincial tradesperson certification, or who have a job offer and positive Labour Market Opinion to support their application for Canadian permanent residence.

Canada Experience Class

A Canada Experience Class application is a type of application for permanent residence for foreign workers living in Canada. To qualify under the Canadian Experience Class, the applicant must have either obtained one year of full-time skilled work experience in Canada in the last three years or have completed a full-time program of post-secondary education of at least two years, and subsequently completed one year of full-time skilled work in Canada.

Provincial Programs

The Provincial Nominee Program in Ontario allows up to 1,000 applicants to be nominated for permanent residence each year. The Provincial Nominee Program is designed to facilitate permanent residence for foreign nationals living in Ontario under legal temporary resident status as workers or students. To see whether you may qualify under the Provincial Nominee Program in Ontario, contact Canadian Immigration Lawyer Matthew Jeffery.

Business Immigration

Investors and Entrepreneurs may apply for permanent residence in Canada through various federal and provincial programs for Business Immigration to Canada. For more information about these programs, or assistance with applications, contact Matthew Jeffery, an Immigration Lawyer in Canada, by email, or by clicking the Free Assessment link at the side of the page.

Work Permits

The Work Permit Application process in Canada usually begins when the individual obtains a job offer in Canada. In order to continue the Canadian Work Permit Application process, the job found must be approved by the Canadian Human Resources Department prior to a Work Permit being issued. For assistance in the Work Permit Application in Canada process, or for information or assistance regarding Work Permit Extensions in Canada, contact Canada Immigration Lawyer Matthew Jeffery.

Student & Visitor Visas

A Canada Visitor Visa may be obtained by individuals visiting Canada for business or tourism. A Canada Visitor Visa is provided to applicants who are deemed to have a valid reason to visit, sufficient funds to pay for the visit, and who are likely to return home at the end of the visit.

Individuals wishing to attend College or University studies within Canada may apply for a Canadian Study Permit. A Study Permit enables the individual to remain in Canada for the duration of their studies. To qualify for a Study Permit, the individual must have been formally accepted into a school in Canada, have enough money for their school and living expenses, and be assessed as likely to return home at the end of their studies.

P.R. Cards

Individuals who have obtained Permanent Residence in Canada are issued a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card. A Canadian PR Card is a travel document that allows the individual to exit and re-enter Canada for the 5 years during which the PR Card is valid. A Permanent Resident Card can be renewed continuously provided that the individual resides in Canada for at least 2 years of every 5. Permanent Residency in Canada is not affected, however, if the individual is out of the country accompanying a spouse, common-law partner or parent who is a Canadian Citizen, or if they are employed by a Canadian business abroad. If the applicant does not meet any of these criteria, in some cases the card may be renewed on humanitarian grounds.


Individuals with permanent residency in Canada may complete an Application for Citizenship in Canada if they have lived in Canada for at least 3 of 4 years. Naturalized Canadian Citizens may vote in elections and hold a Canadian Passport. Citizenship in Canada may only be revoked if it is deemed to have been obtained through fraudulent means. The law office of Matthew Jeffery, Canadian Immigration Lawyer, has many years assisting with Canadian citizenship matters. Contact the office for assistance.


Any refusal by the Canadian Immigration Authorities may be subject to an Immigration Appeal. Immigration Appeals are usually made to the Federal Court of Canada, or in specific cases, Immigration Appeals may be made to the Immigration Appeal Division. If you are an individual whose immigration case was rejected, contact Canadian Immigration Lawyer Matthew Jeffery to find out your chances of success upon Immigration Appeal.