Marrying and Sponsoring a Spouse from Brazil


Are you married to a Brazilian national or you intend to marry one? The Family Sponsorship category allows you to bring in your spouse as a permanent resident, which is the first step towards full Canadian citizenship. This process is not easy and should be handled by a lawyer.

Marrying a Brazilian

You first have to apply for your VITUR Tourist Visa. The longest duration you can hope for is 90 days and it greatly depends on the visa officer who is handling your case. Note the whole marriage process takes anywhere from 1 to 2 months.

To get married to a Brazilian as a Canadian, the next step is gathering all the relevant documents from Canada. Go to the Civil Registry, called Cartório de Registro Civil e PessoasNaturais where your spouse lives and submit the documents and apply for permission to marry.

You will get a date for the wedding, usually 1 to 2 months from the day you apply for the permission to marry. This delay is because the registry has to send the permission to marry application to the Brazilian government and the government then has to publish marriage banns on DiárioOficial da União (the government’s Official Gazette). Permission will only be granted if there are no objections and a mandatory 30 days have passed, and the same will be published on DiárioOficial da União.

After the Marriage

Immediately after marriage, you are required to go to the Federal Police – Foreigner Sector (Policia Federal – Setor de Estrangeiros) with the original Marriage Certificate and other relevant documents to apply for the VIPER Permanent Visa. If the application is accepted, you will get a protocolo with your photo, basic identification information, nationality, parent’s names, and other relevant information that is valid for 180 days. The protocolo allows you to stay in Brazil until the permanent resident visa has been processed. Visa processing takes between 1 and 2 years, but you could always have the protocolo renewed.

Documents Required when Marrying a Brazilian Spouse

  • A copy of your original Birth Certificate translated to Portuguese by a notarized translator
  • If this is your first marriage, a declaration from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada that you are single – this has to be translated into Portuguese
  • If you are divorced, the Divorce Decree (final/absolute) or a Divorce Certificate
  • A clear, legible copy of your passport, visa pages, and identification pages, certified by a lawyer
  • A clear, legible copy of your Entry Card, certified by a lawyer

The Effects of “Fake” Spousal Immigration Sponsorship

Some people just marry to bring their Brazilian partners into the country for monitory or other benefits. The CIC is always on the lookout for this. If it determines that your marriage is not genuine, not only will the permanent residency be denied (or revoked if already gotten before you are discovered), but you could also be permanently banned from ever sponsoring anyone into the country again.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

You should get legal representation to sponsor wife or sponsor husband to Canada because the process is complex and time-consuming, meaning it can interfere with your work and social life. At the Law Office Matthew Jeffery, we have the experience necessary to ensure you do not make mistakes, given that even the smallest mistake could mean the application will not go through.

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