Sponsoring a Spouse From Philippines 


If you have married a Philippine citizen and you would like to sponsor them to live in Canada, there is a step by step process that you’ll need to follow. You will need to file for spousal sponsorship Canada for your Filipino or Filipina partner to be granted Canadian permanent residency.

Marrying a Philippine citizen

Marrying a foreigner in Philippines is a sensitive issue. That’s why you need to ensure you’ve properly completed all the required paperwork. You will need to prove moral and financial capabilities in order. Before you start the process consult with professional immigration lawyer in Canada to see if you are eligible to sponsor another person to the country.

To Begin the Process of Sponsoring Spouse to Canada from Philippines, You Will Need:

Proof of single status: You need to prove to the Philippine authorities that you are single (not married) by providing a Statutory Declaration of your civil status. You can obtain the Statutory Declaration at the Canadian Embassy in either Manila or Cebu. You need to carry your citizenship certificate/Canadian passport, names, details of your future spouse e.g name and residential address among other documents. Obtain the statutory declaration not more than 6 months at the time you apply for the marriage certificate.

A marriage license: The marriage license is issues by the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) at the city/town of your Filipino spouse. The license should be ready after about 10 days of making an application. It is valid for 120 days from the date of issuance. To apply for a marriage license, you will need the birth certificate, a parental consent or advice if either parties is between ages 18 and 21 as well as a no record of marriage or certificate of singleness.

Some LCROs Require Other Documentation When Applying for Marriage Certificate Such as:

-Certificate of attendance in a pre-marital counselling/family planning center
-Community tax clearance
-At least 2 valid IDs
-A moral character reference
-Photocopy of foreigner’s passport

If you and your partner have lived together for more than 5 years, you will not require a marriage license so long as there were no legal inhibitions in your union during the cohabitation period.

Sponsoring Your Spouse from the Philippines to Canada

To become a sponsor, you must be:

-At least 18 years old
-A Canadian citizen or permanent resident
-Live in Canada or prove that you will live in Canada when the application is approved
-Prove that you are able to meet the basic financial needs of your spouse

It takes the IRCC approximately 39 days to verify if you qualify to become a sponsor. The processing time for your Filipino spouse application takes about 12 months. However, if your spouse is currently inside Canada, it can take only 4 months to verify if you qualify to become a sponsor and 8 months for the sponsored person’s application to be processed.

We can help you sponsor your spouse from the Philippines

To ensure the process goes smoothly it is recommended to consult a professional immigration lawyer to avoid a rejected application, unexpected fees and time waste. He will help you to gather all required documents, make sure you are eligible for sponsoring your spouse, guide you through laws and rules you might be not aware of. The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery specializes in bringing spouse and partners from the Philippines to Canada with high success rate and over 20 years of experience.

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